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Jun 16, 2007 11:29 AM

Chestnut Hill, Mt Airy - Is there anything open Monday nights?

My wife and I are in desperate need of help. Because of circumstances Father's Day for my Father in Law will be happening on Monday night instead of Sunday. Problem is.....nothing, and I mean nothing is open on Monday night.

So, does anyone know of a decent restaurant in the area of Chestnut Hill, Mt Airy that is open on Monday night. My F.I.L. is rather pedestrian in his taste so I'd say anything more exotic than Chinese is probably out, although I'd field suggestions for anything at this point. We will stray a little outside the area, but not too far.

We checked Cafette, Bacio, Cafe Barcelona, Geechee Girl, Cresheim Cottage.....all closed.


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  1. well, there's always mcmennamins. more bar than restaurant.

    decent list of places to try here:

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      Although I'm a fan of McMenamin's, we made reservations at the Valley Green Inn. From what I have gathered, it's in a great location with hit or miss food.....sound about right? And it's open Monday nights!!

    2. There's Persian Grill on Germantown Pike in Lafayette Hill ( The food's wonderful -- I've been missing it lately, but since we've been up in NYC for the past five years, I haven't been there at all recently. The decor was nothing fancy when we were there, but the food's really good, and it may have been recently renovated. Even though it's Persian, I don't think the flavors would be too weird or exotic for a non-adventurous person.
      I also love CinCin ( It's Chinese with a flair. Again, I don't think it would scare anyone off, especially if he can do Chinese. They have a nicer atmosphere.
      From their websites, it looks like both are open on Mondays. You can still change from Valley Green Inn (never been there, but I really love these two). Hope it goes well!

      1. too late now, but just for future reference, cafe barcelona is open on mondays (actually, 7 days a week!); just know that they are closed from 3-6 everyday in between lunch and dinner. i'm a fan.