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Jun 16, 2007 11:23 AM

Too-salty cookies

I made some cookies the other day - I was making kitchen sink cookies (chocolate, marshmallows, peanut butter chips, toffee, etc) and because I used roasted peanuts and peanut butter instead of peanut butter chips, my cookies ended up way too salty. I did lessen the amount of salt indicated in the recipe - but I probably shouldn't have added any salt at all. They taste ok when eating them - but you definitely feel the salt after the fact.

The recipe, in case you're interested:

Anyone have any ideas about what I could do with these? I currently have the cookie dough frozen (ready for baking into cookies). Do you think these will just have to go into the garbage can?


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  1. Maybe add a glaze so the sweetness balances out the salt?

    1. How about changing your expectations regarding the saltiness of cookies?

      I recently bought some 'Trek Mix Cookies' from Trader Joes. The sublabel is 'sweet, salty & nutty'. Like your cookies, the use of a trail mix in the batter makes these saltier than ordinary cookies. But they are still good. And since cookies are already high in fat and sugar, a bit extra salt doesn't harm their nutritional profile that much. One can argue that the extra nuts improves the profile.


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        Hey paulj - it's not the flavor I have a problem with - I actualy really like them. After eating them, they leave a really salty aftertaste..which is the biggest problem. As in - I feel like I need 2 glass of water to get rid of it (and it still doesn't go away). I know someone had this problem with small chocolates cakes - and made bread pudding. Wondering if someone had any similar kinds of idea for cookies.

      2. Bake and then dip them in chocolate and refridgerate. Chocolate covered goodness.

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          We don't usually think of chocolate going well with salt, but a nuvo-Spanish dish is chocolate on a slice of toasted bread, drizzled with olive oil, and a sprinkle of coarse salt.

          Maybe the salty aftertaste calls for something other than milk? What beverage goes with salty peanuts? Beer?


          1. re: paulj

            Ever had chocolate covered pretzels or peanuts? Very good.

        2. Why not make a second batch, with no added salt and maybe low-salt peanut butter, and combine? Worst case, you have twice as much cookie dough. And I second the suggestion to dip in chocolate -- chocolate covered pretzels are one of my favorite things! Or maybe caramel... isn't that a big trend, chocolate and caramel truffles sprinkled with salt?

          1. I would bake them, and then use them in something to sort of dilute the saltiness.

            Crumbled into or on top of vanilla ice cream would be delicious!