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Jun 16, 2007 11:18 AM

Korean Sunnyside - Tofu Natural or BBQ on 43rd?

Taking some friends to dinner tonight in my nabe, and Korean was specifically requested. The reviews for TN sound mixed, and I imagine they'd like a variety of options, so is the BBQ restaurant on Queens Blvd and 43rd worth a visit? If not either of those places, any other suggestions within a 6 block radius?

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  1. Your dinner has passed, but I'll throw in my two cents anyway. I've gotten takeout at both places - once from the barbecue place, about five years ago, and twice from Natural Tofu, the last time two years ago (I'm not a huge fan of Korean). My strongest recollection of the barbecue meal, unfortunately, is that the entree had a cooked fried egg on top, which disappointed me because I hate eggs. I was pleased, however, that even though I was getting my stuff to go, they included a container of the appetizers that one would normally be served when dining in - always my favorite part of a Korean meal. Natural Tofu is good. I order the same thing both times - the seafood-and-tofu soup, which is served over rice. A nice dish - my only complaint was that the heads were still on the shrimp, but I realize that's my American squeamishness talking.

    1. so where did you go? i haven't been to the bbq place since they changed hands a couple years ago. i always vote for natural tofu b/c their soon du bu is amazing, but often people say they want Korean food and really what they want is BBQ.

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        Just tried an awsome korean bbq lunch. all you can eat for ten bucks and all the food is really fresh. its at 149th and Northern BLVD. in queens. Its a hell of a treck but when in need of some Korean Nutrition, there is nothing like it.

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          We went to the bbq place on Queens Blvd and 43rd. I was pleased, although the bbq dish my friend ordered came out on a hot plate. I was sort of anticipating watching something cooked at our table. Guess I'm just not experienced enough to know what to order. Overall a good experience and I do plan to go back as it's a mere 3 blks from my apt. I do love that people I know in Brooklyn are jealous of the good eatin within walking distance of my place. :)

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            I don't know what the deal is at the place you went to. Most Korean restaurants I've been to in LA and NY require a minimum order of 2 BBQ dishes to quality for the table grilling. Otherwise, as in your case, they will cook it in the kitchen.

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              Does the place on Queens Blvd. & 43rd even have tabletop grills? I don't think so... so like a lot of places they just cook it in the kitchen. But the place on Roosevelt just off Queens Blvd. does, although I think that place is more than a little tired. Even better for BBQ, and definitely table-cooked, is the 24 hour place on Broadway on the corner of 75th St. across from the 74th St. 7 (and R/F etc.) train stop.

              I love Natural Tofu in the winter for their Korean-style stews, and they serve some good panchan (the little snacks that come before your food) too.

              1. re: Woodside Al

                Yeah, that place on 75th/Broadway rocks. It's probably the overall best Korean restaurant around these parts.

          2. The place on Roosevelt and 49th is good. I've only tried their stews and they've been pretty authentic.

            1. The BBQ place on 43rd & Qns Blvd does have table top grills, which is why I was expecting to see some cooking. Now I know there's probably a minimum of BBQ dishes to be ordered if I want to see that, based on a post above. I'm sure I'll be back at some point and repost.

              Thanks all!

              1. HUGE fan of Natural Tofu. I love the snacks they put out before the food comes, and i often salivate for their seafood pancakes, and especially the spicy BBQ squid.
                I'm salivating just typing about it.