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Jun 16, 2007 10:57 AM

Grits for breakfast in DC?

I'm looking for a breakfast spot in DC, preferably near Penn Quarter, that serves grits for breakfast. I have a friend from Texas coming to town, and good ol' eggs and bacon won't quite cut it. Any recommendations?


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  1. I think Waffle Shop serves grits - its in Penn Quarter, on 10th between F and E (across the street from Ford's Theater).

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    1. re: schendelnorris

      Waffle Shop does indeed serve grits, but depending on when the friend from Texas arrives, they may be closed by then. For good.

      Jimmy's Diner across from the Library of Congress has grits. About a block from Capitol South Metro.

      1. re: monkeyrotica

        That's Pete's Diner on 2nd Street, SE. Jimmy T's has grits too at 5th and E. Cap. Both are near Library of Congress buildings.
        It's Monday morning, Monkey. All will be OK in a little while...
        Does Tune Inn still have grits?

        1. re: MakingSense

          Thanks for clearing that up. I blame this lousy Mcdonalds coffee.

          And grits are $1.75 at Tune Inn. Hawk & Dove does grits too.

 lists a buncha places downtown that serve grits. A closer place to Penn Quarter would be Reeves Baker at 13th and G.

          1. re: monkeyrotica

            Reeves Bakery closed forever at 13th and G on June 8, 2007. Had my last donuts. No more cupcakes.
            They had been a Washington institution since 1886. Lost their lease, couldn't negotiate a new one with the landlord. Looking for something new but nothing on the horizon...

            1. re: MakingSense

              Ugh. So in addition to losing Restaurant AV and Waffle Shop there's no more Reeves. DC is running out of institutions to lose. But hey, you can never have enough tapas places, fastfood chains, or dog biscuit bakeries.

              Is Harry's Bar in Hotel Harrington open for breakfast?

              1. re: monkeyrotica

                You forgot Sherril's. Gone. Still mourned. I think Harry's is still open for b'fast since they book groups.
                I keep waiting for some developer to turn the Harrington into a luxury hotel and then it's bye-bye Harry's and Ollie's Trolley. More small plates and Cosmos (or whatever the cocktail du jour is) for trendies.
                That's what people want. What they vote for. Where they spend their money.

                1. re: MakingSense

                  There is another Ollie's Trolley on L St, near 14th. I have no idea how 'authentic' it is. They have other menu items other than burgers and fries.

                  1. re: Steve

                    Apparently the Ollies in DC are locally owned remnants of a small 70s chain. This article says there's some Lebanese items on the DC menu. Who knows?

    2. Although you can only get this on the weekend I had the most delicious grits at Georgia Brown's weekend brunch. It's a madhouse there but the food is incredible---and there is so much food most people take the main course home for later. So I get brunch and dinner! :)

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      1. re: Elyssa

        Try Clyde's on the Walk - 7th and G NW. They serve Grits each morning from 6:30 - 10:30; they only cost $1.38 (WOW!!!) and they are, by far, the best grits I have had in DC.

      2. Chef Geoffs does great grits for brunch, but I don't think they do regular breakfast.

        1. Has anyone mentioned Florida Ave. Grill? It's not even so far from Penn Quarter. Also, I'm pretty sure Saint's Paradise at 6th and M (basement of House of Prayer for All People) has grits in the morning, and has the added attraction that a Texas visitor may find it to be a hoot.

          1. Did you think about Ben Chili Bowl. They serve grits fromw hat I remember and it is a DC institution (shedding tears about Reeves!) t is not exactly a sit down place, but atmosphere is very DC. I would also say Florida Avenue Grill. They definately have the grits and they are an equally important DC institution. Neither of these is in Penn Quarter, but in terms of taste and atmosphere, they are great places to take a visitor. They can rub shoulder's witht he locals.

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            1. re: nesseainie

              Bens is pretty sitdown. Plenty of counter space, several booths, and seating in back. The breakfast crowd tends to be carryout mostly so you should be able to get a seat.

              The grits at Florda Avenue tend to be a little fresher since they have a faster turnover.