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Jun 16, 2007 10:53 AM

Delicious Mystery at The Front Porch!

Has anyone been to the restaurant called the Front Porch, in San Francisco, at the end of Mission Street? We started with the Duck liver pate, and plantain fritters. The liver pate was good and well made, but it was the inventive combinations of flavours and colours in the plantain starter; avocado, creme fraiche, red wild salmon and burnt umber plantain that made our taste buds tingle, and, more crucially, was our first introduction to the restaurant's flair and originality. For the main course we ordered the spicy crab porridge and fried chicken. The porridge is the reason I am writing this post, it was simply sublime, and completely out of this world fabulous. Not a risotto, not a roux, nor a mash...a smooth, silky "porridge" with spring onions, fresh peas and a few ears of corn under a generous serving of pink crab. The restaurant also serves a very unusual organic English ale amidst its beverages, and this rare ale has an icon of a crow that has a swallowed a key. This seems like an appropriate analogy for how one might feel after dining here.

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  1. I had that porridge! It was out of this world. Of course, I realize it might not pass some people's "ick" factor...those people can order Front Porch's fried chicken, which I heard is very good.

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      There've been a number of reports about Fronch Porch, which has been open nearly a year. We were there recently, I didn' think the pate worked particularly well but *loved* the conch fritters -- greaseless and flavorful with a nice, light consistency to the fritter (dough? batter?) part. The fried chicken was as good as in past visits, but the grilled romaine salad was ruined by the overly sweet candied bacon in the dressing.

      I think Front Porch has a welcoming vibe and offers good value for a unique style of food. While this visit was hit or miss, I'm learning how to read their menu for my own tastes -- if there's a sweet note in a savory dish, I can expect it will be too sweet for me. Otherwise, I've been very happy.

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        Yes, I've had that dish and it's served on grits. Delish!
        The other item I would highly recommend there is the Waldorf salad. Who orders waldorf salad, right? It's fantastic.
        Fried chicken was good but it was too soon after I had returned from New Orleans, where the fried chicken was amazing.

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          I had that too and felt I was really over-paying for a bowl of grits. Very flavorful, but extremely salty and, for me, not satisfying at all as a dinner entree (maybe it's sold as an appetizer, or maybe there are 2 sizes -- can't seem to remember). I am looking forward to going back and trying other things, though.

        2. Do you have an address? The end of Mission St. is in Daly City, I believe.

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            In SF on 29th Street just off Mission.

          2. i have to say i love the front porch. the menu has changed a bit since they opened, i think the chef has really come into to her own--more carribean influenced. and kevin, one of the hosts, i think is dreamy.

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              That settles it...crab on grits, fried chicken and Kevin for dessert. Thanks for the recs!

              1. re: Jim

                Here's the link to FP.

                The Front Porch
                65 29th St, San Francisco, CA 94110

            2. We live in Bernal, and we love The Front Porch! Their fried chicken is very, very good. The place has a great vibe and is often very crowded. The best part of the experience, in my view, is their housemade hotsauce. They bring a bottle of this orange sauce to the table with your food -- and it's smokin' hot and absolutely delicious.