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Jun 16, 2007 10:50 AM

Gluten Free Dining

Could anyone please list the Gluten Free resturants in Manhattan and surrounding areas...

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  1. I'm not sure why you need a restaurant that is totally gluten-free. My daughter's b.f. has that problem, and he manages to eat very well in all kinds of restaurants. He's just careful to avoid dishes that don't meet his dietary needs. That said...

    A quick Google search finds risoterria, an Italian restaurant that participates in the "Gluten-Free Restaurant Awareness Program."

    And here's a blog by someone who discusses options for gluten-free dining. (Note: She includes risotteria.


    For options in the other boroughs, post on the Outer Boroughs board.

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      RGR beat me to it, but I'd recommend Risotteria for gluten-free dining. My Chowhound icon is actually taken from a photo of the breadsticks from there, from a review we wrote of the place last year. The sticks in the pic aren't the gluten-free ones though...



    2. Rice with many locations in Manhattan and brooklyn has a special gluten free menu for people with Celiac(sp?) disease

      1. Bratsncheesecurds, I don't know of any restaurant other than Risotteria that markets itself as being a gluten free restaurant, but some good cuisines to try that are safe for people with celiac disease (or a wheat intolerance) include south Indian (most dosas are made with lentil and rice flour; you'll want ot avoid sada dosai) and Thai or Vienamese (you'll want to make it clear that you cannot have even a drop of soy sauce in your food, though). There are usually safe dishes at any restaurant, though--even Italian (you can ask for plain, grilled fish with lemon and rice).

        Name cuisines you like and I'll be able to name more restaurants / suggest menu items.

        1. babycakes is a cute bakery in the LES that specializes in gluten-free baked goods (that are really good!)

          1. It's important that a restaurant be totally gluten-free or have a gluten-free menu because of cross contamination. One of my best friends has celiac, is extremely sensitive to gluten, and loves to eat out. Together, we've made an effort to find quality restaurants in the city that meet her needs. I agree with all the posters who suggested Risotteria and Babycakes. Both are godsends for people with gluten sensitivity. I especially recommend the brownies at Babycakes. Other great restaurants with gluten-free menus include Gobo, Sacred Chow (vegan chow in the West Village), Gus' Place (gluten-free Greek in the West Village) and Gourmetland (gluten-free Chinese at 82nd and 2nd). My friend has also been able to eat at Caracas Arepa Bar in the East Village and Village Yokocho with no problem.

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              Gus's Place isn't gluten free per se; it just has a special notation on the menu for its gluten free menu items.

              There is a danger of cross contamination in almost all restaurants--even the ones that have special, gluten free menus--but most good kitchens will take extra precautions esp.if you call ahead. WD 50, for one, can design a gluten free tasting menu for you.

              Caracas a good suggestions. Along the same lines, Flor's Kitchen in the W. Village would work, too.