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Jun 16, 2007 10:44 AM

Indian sensation [moved from Texas board]

So I have been trying to find a really good indian curry recipe I can cook at home. Anyone have any suggestions? I have made some before, but it comes out way too sour, using both lemon and yogurt. I think I may have to omit one or the other.


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  1. Here's a website I visit for inspiration; they have many curry recipes.


    1. Most Indian curries -- at least those from restaurants -- don't contain yogurt and/or lemon.

      If you want homestyle curries, try: http://www.mamtaskitchen.com/index.php

      If you want restaurant-style recipes, you won't do better than my all-time personal favorite: http://www.realcurryrecipes.co.uk/

      1. Thank you all for reading and responding to my post!