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Jun 16, 2007 10:39 AM

Great sandwich destination between WeHo and Culver City?

We're driving from the Fairfax District (Fairfax/Beverly) to the Costco in MDR on Lincoln and Washington today. Any great place between here and there to stop for a good sandwich? I'm thinking a cold sandwich, although other suggestions are welcome.

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  1. Not exactly between WeHo and the very end of Culver City, where you are going, but further north on Lincoln, where you could go and then head straight south on Lincoln, to Costco, is Bay Cities Deli. Great bread and good sandwiches.

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      I second Bay Cities. But just be prepared for long lines on a Saturday. You can also fax in your order or go online to place your order.

    2. If time isn't an issue, I'd be awfully tempted to hit up Farmer's Market.

      1. I like the sandwiches at R Bakery on Washington about a mile east of Costco. Cash only.

        1. We ended up at Bay Cities, thanks for the suggestions all. I hadn't been there in ages. It's funny because even though I was craving a turkey sandwich, I ended up getting the Godmother because I felt weird being in BC and not ordering it. It was excellent, as always.

          1. Next time stop at Hoagies & Wings on La Cienega and get the chicken hoagie. Trust me on this, just get it. I'm a total sandwich-hound and that is currently my favorite sandwich in the area. I live near you and work in the general vicinity of MDR, so I know the territory you speak of! (Bay Cities is obviously excellent as well, no question. One of my favorites.)

            FYI I usually order the hoagie without mayonaise as it takes away from the really nicely done flavor of the chicken.