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Jun 16, 2007 10:27 AM

Just Fabulous is closed

I am not sure if anyone has mentioned this before, but we tried to go to Just Fabulous in Kensington last night and it was closed. The sign in the window indicates that it is going to become "Burger Land".

Also- Philipe Beltran's new Bleu Boheme in the old Green Tomato is now scheduled to open in Mid-July.

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  1. What?! No!! That can't be! I never got to try Just Fab...the last time I tried to (on my birthday) it was closed, so I haven't been able to get back to it! Is it moving to a new location??? =(

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      All that was on the door was the liquor app for Burger Land... I sure do hope it reopens somewhere else. I always preferred it to Extraordinary Desserts.

    2. Here's the message from their website:

      Some bittersweet news for loyal patrons of Just Fabulous Kensington. Mother’s Day, May 13, will be the last day of service for our little café. It’s been a labor of love for me and my incredible employees who have given so much of themselves to provide a delightful, colorful, friendly, delicious environment. One which was frequented by locals not just for the beautiful dessert and savory presentations, but for the feeling that Just Fabulous Kensington was “their place,” the one they wanted to surprise all their friends with. So many people have told me of all the special events they've celebrated at the restaurant and how much it added to their lives and to the neighborhood. But, while many wonderful things must come to an end, there is a silver lining. The desserts and cakes that have been enjoyed there will still be available by special order from Just Fabulous Pastries, our commissary in the Mission Gorge area.

      Thank you Kensington for making us welcome in your community and for supporting us over the last few years. You all are the best and we’ll be seeing you, hopefully, to continue adding our desserts to all your special occasions. Chow!... Beryl