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Jun 16, 2007 10:25 AM

Just moved to Richmond Hill (JTrain 104th Street)

Any recs for good Mexican in this area? Or anything good period?

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  1. Have you been to Manor Deli on 94th street and Jamaica? It's very old world German style deli...they have superb macaroni salad, excellent german potato salad, very good rare roast beef, and good cole slaw, and good cucumber salad. They also just opened a little restauarant at Atlas Parks Shops...been in the area for ages...we like it alot..and just moved here about 8 months ago from Forest Hills area...There is a pretty good Indian veg place that has samosas and pakoras and rice and veg combinations that's around 112th st I think on Jamaica ave on the left side if you're going towards Jamaica--they're open late also. There's also a tiny little mexican place for tacos that's near 110th street and Jamaica that looks really authentic just for takeout..haven't tried it yet--but you should definitely check it out...There's a good little Columbian bakery close to you on 103rd street I think..she makes a different special every day..very nice people, and some good stuff there...really decent flan, too. Hope this gives you a start...There's also a decent Thai place that's on Jamaica on the other side of Woodhaven---

    1. Welcome to no mans land. I have lived on 113 and Jamaica for five years so I have some handle on your options.

      Mexican - I believe the place referred to below is the take out place next to the law office and barbershop. I think the names is Las Palmillas or something. I go there mostly in desperation for a taco or tamale, other than that you are not going to find anything decent in a five mile radius (have to go to Roosevelt Ave or out to El Coyote on Hillside).

      There are some Indian restaurants in the Lefferts and Atlantic Ave region (Punjabi Kebab and Tandoori Hut). Both are mediocre and inconsistent. The Indian place referred to below has some decent food, mostly a take out place.

      For Italian, my best best is Joe's in Ridgewood, other that that good Italian does not exist in Richmond Hill, Kew Gardens or Forest Hills. Dee's on Metropolitan is ok.

      Not in Richmond Hill, but on Metropolitan Ave (east of Woodhave) Steve's Deli has the goods in terms of sandwiches,salads but Manor is definitely closer to you.

      Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but you don't have much to look forward to from a culinary perspective in this hood.

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      1. re: pepper

        I think Tandoori Hut is excellent, one of my favorite Indian restaurants for cheap delicious food. I live nowhere near the place but when I find myself nearby (usually after a JFK related trip) I try to stop by for a meal.

        1. re: stuartlafonda

          I used to eat there a lot but I got a string of bad meals and haven't been back. I was going to try the lunch buffet last week but I went by and it was closed. I always like the mixed chicken kabob entree.

        2. re: pepper

          For excellent Italian, just pop over to La Tavernetta--it's in Glendale on 88th street, off of Cooper..but very easy to get to via myrtle, just make a right on 88th street off myrtle go past rr tracks across from storage place..--The food is excellent there..also, there's Leone's up the block a bit further for very good linguine and clam sauce, baked ziti with meat sauce, and other red sauce classic stuff--and very inexpensive..In Kew Gardens, there Metro Sushi on Metrop which is good for Takeout and close to North Richmond HIll area...........there is a liquour store that is supposed to open on myrtle and parklane but it hasn't due to difficulties with getting a license, and it would be such a perfect place for sandwiches, and cafe, bakery, takeout place...but seems like the deli convenience store doesn't want any, the corner is doomed for food...

          I tried theTandoori Hut, and had a lousy and expensive meal,,,don't know what the fuss is about that place...but, a good friend of mine loves their lunch, you should try it and judge for yourself...

          It's a very diverse neighborhood Richmond Hill, and we do really need a place that's on its toes, and can be a destination spot,,but pepper is right, there really isn't a special zinger anywhere in a close block radius.

          1. re: pepper

            Punjabi Kebab House is the best North Indian place I've yet been to in NYC. I wonder what you got there that you disliked?

            1. re: fat_hot

              About five years when I first moved to the neighborhood I raved about the place. My wife and I ate there all the time. Over the past year, everything has taken a downward turn in overall quality. I have eaten the lunch buffet a couple of times in the past six months and found a few of the veggie dishes to be ok.

              How long ago were you there?

              I think there is new ownership or a change in the kitchen but there has beed a definite change in the vibe there.

              1. re: pepper

                I was last there about a month ago. On the other hand we only go at night, so have never had the lunch buffet. We typically get the "gravy" dishes like vindaloos and dum aloo.

          2. I'm surprised no one has mentioned the Guyanese/Trinidadian scene, the nexus of which is Lefferts and Liberty, and which constitutes a solid 5 or 6 blocks of restaurants and bakeries. Singh's Roti Shop, which has two outposts in the area, is perhaps the most famous of these places. But there are many others, including a place called A&A Bakes and Doubles, which I doubt has any relationship to the Nostrand stall of the same name, and Sylvie's, which is closer to the Van Wyck. There are also some admittedly shady looking Chinese/West Indian spots, under the elevated train, where, if you're feeling brave enough, you can sample some Jerk Chicken Fried Rice. In all, I always enjoy hitting this hood; it's one of the more underrated food scenes in the city.

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            1. re: Polecat

              i've been dying to try some jerk chicken fried rice, as it sounds great! is there a chinese/west indian on liberty that you specifically recommend?

              1. re: missmasala

                Have passed this place a number of times, never went in:
                There is at least one other such place, within a block or two of this one, with the same basic menu offerings. For what it's worth - and this has never put me off - the place always seems to be empty, bone dry. I'm still curious. The only other place that I know of that serves Chinese/West Indian is on Hillside in the 160s.

                1. re: Polecat

                  We really love a vegetarian Caribbean take-out place in South Richmond Hill called Veggie Castle II. It's on Liberty Ave. between 132nd and 133rd (right off the Van Wyck). I particularly recommend the ox tail and the jerk chicken (seitan). Mac n cheese and rice and black-eyed-peas are good too. Plus a crazy juice bar.
                  Across the street is Sigh's Roti, which I haven't been to, but I've read good things about it.
                  Also, next to Veggie Castle is a fun bakery, Sybil's, that sells all kinds of West Indian treats.