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If you're in the area, check this place out! And then either stay in store for a cup of delicious coffee or go two stores down to Bunna coffee-- best start to your day!

I've been frequenting this small bakery for years, and wanted to share the goodness with you. If you want croissants, this is the place to go. They have terrific breakfast and Lunch sandwiches too. I love to get a egg, veggie & cheese (your choice of american, cheddar, jalapeno jack, provolone, or swiss-- you can add your choice of meat as well) before I go to work. Allow some time as they're currently expanding to a new space and have two workers in store. I'm sure that will be remedied once they move to the bigger space (just 3-4 doors down).

However, P.Croissant is known for their filled croissants-- they serve at least 10-12 of the following flavors: almond, apple, apricot, bavarian cream, blueberry, blueberry cream cheese, cherry, chocolate chip, cinnamon, cinnamon apple, cinnamon raisin, cream cheese, chocolate bavarian cream, lemon, peanut butter, raspberry, raspberry cream cheese, strawberry, strawberry cream cheese. They are absolutely delectable-- a couple of my favorites are almond, strawberry cream cheese, and bavarian cream.

NW Corner Rural & Elliot, under the Croissants sign, next to Water & Ice
M-F: 6a-2p
S&S: 7a-2p

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  1. The almond is my favorite. We only indulge a couple times a year but they are really delicious when we do.

    I was wondering if they'd moved into a new space. Noticed the new sign driving home from work a couple weeks ago. Are they going with a more upscale look or sticking with the spartan style that they've had?

    1. Wow, I have been searching for good croissants forever!! Must check this place out!

      1. Sounds great! Thanks for posting the hours. I was hoping they'd open early.

        1. Sounds delicious! Right now my fave croissants are from Lee's Sandwiches in Chandler, of all places. Anyone concur or have another suggesstion?

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            My favorites are from Au Petit Four. I think they do only plain and almond; maybe one other kind. They are amazing!

          2. I was just reminiscing about Char's and Siamese Cat on another thread when I remembered this place and the recent thread about it. It is in my old neighborhood and has been open in the same strip center since at least 1987. Amazing!!! I'm so happy to hear they are still at it. I've never been big on filled croissants but I love a good classic version and Plaissant's were superb! Flaky, crisp, buttery all at once ... I wonder how they've done it with such limited hours and at such a location with little traffic generated by the many other businesses that have opened and closed there through the years?

            1. Is this establishment still in operation?

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                There's a contact number. Call them. No one answers, don't go.

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                  Thank you, Firenza00, for the awesome tip. I was hoping to create more mouthwatering with my query. What's one or two duds from me amidst a few good ones?

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                    We have gone to Osha Thai so many times, the waitresses all know us VERY well. One day, I told one of them I was upset with them because they were closed over Labor Day. In a very matter-of-fact way and with very broken English, she responded "Next time, call. Nobody answer, don't come." That's where that came from.

              2. Thanks for the recommendation. After reading your post, I tried P. Croissant this weekend and it was great.

                1. Visited PC Thursday and tried the blueberry. Found the pastry to be mediocre, comparing it to the last croissant I had in San Diego (St. Tropez). As one of the servers behind the counter said, "it didn't float [my] boat." Found out that the filling used is commercial pie filling (which contains items I'm allergic to), which therefore negatively affected my enjoyment of the pastry. Will have to try Essence Bakery soon; perhaps I will find what I'm looking for there!

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                    I would recommend Au Petit Four for their outstanding chocolate croissant, which is easily the best I've had in town. Check 'em out....

                    Au Petit Four Ltd
                    2501 E Camelback Rd # 18, Phoenix, AZ

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                      Meant to add that the St. Tropez chocolate croissant wasn't much to write home about, either. I prefer turnovers to croissants, I suppose... Sweeter. Will try Au Petit Four's soon... Thanks for the rec!

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                        no croissants at Essence, but excellent french macaroons, lovely pastry, and fresh, home-y brioche... i personally love the place, but it's not the place for a croissant

                      2. Tried Pleaissant Croissants Bakery this morning for a Sunday treat. Ordered a plain, sweet (chocolate bavarian cream) and savory (ham, egg, cheese, and vegetable sandwich) croissant. Overall I enjoyed what I ordered, but I would say that their croissants are not on par with Au Petit Four or MJ Bread (La Grand Orange), which to me are the closest I have found here to true traditional french croissants.

                        I waited for the sandwich for several minutes so I was able to listen to what other customers were ordering (they had a consistent line so this place is popular). Most were getting mixed dozens - much like you would at a donut shop.

                        It is very close to my house so I would go back again (most likely for the hot breakfast sandwich). But if you go there with expectations of the likes of Au Petit Four (or MJ Bread), you may be disappointed...

                        La Grande Orange Grocery
                        4410 N 40th St, Phoenix, AZ 85018

                        Pleaissant Croissants
                        7520 S Rural Rd, Tempe, AZ 85283

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                          Tried Au Petit Four's croissants- one chocolate and two almonds (they were both good, but I liked the almond so much, I went back an hour later to get a second one!). I may try P.Croissant's for their original version, if ever I go back for a second try, but so far, APF does not disappoint!

                          1. re: starlightjulian

                            Was just at P.Croissants this morning; rediscovered them after a long absence. The other day they were superb; today not quite as great. Moreover, my encounter with their various staff members left a negative impression (to the point where I wrote the owner) and I doubt I will return any time soon (don't live close). Sounds like Au Petit Four has great almond croissants, which I love, and have been looking for a great one since Java City disappeared. Think it will be worth the drive to check out APF. Thanks for the heads-up!

                            1. re: cjs123

                              Could you elaborate on what you didn't care for?

                              I've been in a couple of times since they moved to the bigger storefront, and I've found the food to be tasty, if a bit overpriced, and the staff friendly on each occasion.

                            2. re: starlightjulian

                              Found myself out at 24th and Camelback today, so stopped in at APF. Talked with the owner (very nice) and bought three almond croissants to go, they looked so scrumptious. But I have to say (reluctantly) that by the time I got them home (which was much later), they were WAY soggy and heavy, darn it. Tried nuking them and also toasting them lightly in the oven, but afraid they are a lost cause. Maybe the trick is to enjoy them there, on the spot? Oh well, not like I need a bunch of croissants hanging around the house (ha). Will probably try APF again one day when I am out that way, which only happens once in a blue moon. By the way, also went across the street to get some soup from another place I liked, only to find they are gone and that they are turning part of the Biltmore into condos...? I REALLY hadn't been there in a long time.

                              1. re: cjs123

                                Yes, there is mid-rise develoment scheduled at the east end of Biltmore Fashion Park. As a result, Christopher's Fermier Brasserie will soon close and be replaced by a new Christopher Gross restaurant at the west end of the shopping center. I'm not sure about the fate of the other restaurants at the east end.

                                1. re: silverbear

                                  Someone at the seafood place (across from where the Bamboo Club used to me) told me about the plans for condos--seems bizarre to me, to turn part of the shopping center into a condo development--if it was the whole thing I could picture it better, but just the east end seems odd--though I am sure they will sell for a cool million or three when they are done.