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Jun 16, 2007 10:02 AM

Brunoise or La Montee de Lait


Brunoise or La Montee de Lait? My husband and I are trying to decide on which restaurant to go to. We have previously enjoyed going to Toque, La Chronique, APDC and L'Epicier. It is not necessary that the restaurant have an extensive wine list. We would prefer a quieter restaurant (i.e. not on the noise level of APDC). Any thoughts?


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  1. Brunoise and MDL are very similar restaurants. IMHO, MDL surpasses the Brunoise if only very slightly. It's also smaller than the Brunoise though, which means it's a little noisier and a little more crammed. But the food at both places is very good and they seem really to be sisters in terms of presentation and style. I think MDL is also more expensive, but they're both good "deals".
    I think whichever you choose, you should be satisfied. We tried the Brunoise in February or so and enjoyed it, although found the tasting menu too heavily weighted on rich, dense flavours without enough variety. We actually just had MDL last night, and we had the 7 course tasting menu which featured oysters, scallops in a basil pea soup, fried shrimp with sweet caramelized onions, foie gras and a delicious molasses laden "piglet". Dessert was playful- a creme brulee foam with sponge toffee and chocolate mousse. All in all, it seemed more refined than the Brunoise.

    1. I haven't eaten at either in a while but it strikes me as the opposite, brunoise's service seemed more refined than la montée de lait. When I have eaten at brunoise it' been a solid meal, not sure about how the tasting menu stands because when I dined there it was only the prix fixe menu. Really good execution, based on good flavours, a little adventurous but not too much, you can't really go wrong at Brunoise. As for MDL the service was nice yet still familiar not ultra professional, but the digs are cramped for sure more of a winter problem than summer. As for the food, it was excellent, adventurous combinations and new techniques used but sometimes the artifice surpasses the taste, fun, good meal, interesting wine choices. Either way you will have a good meal but I think it depends on what kind of atmosphere you want.

      1. We went last night to MDL and enjoyed it immensely. We had the 7 course tasting menu which featured crab with creme fraîche in a melon "soup" (cold), pan-fried scallops a la niçoise, blue-fin tuna with green onion yogurt, foie gras with chanterelle mushrooms, molasses piglet, chèvre chaud on a eggplant pancake with onion confit and finally, for dessert, the chocolate mousse with a creme brulée foam and sponge toffee. I found that the chocolate mousse was just a little too much after such an elaborate meal (although my husband didn't think so and managed to finish both his portion and mine) but other than that, I really enjoyed my dining experience. Thank you so much for your advice. It was much appreciated!