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Jun 16, 2007 09:22 AM

Austin wine bars?

Does anyone know a good wine bar in Austin that serves wine flights? Preferably away from downtown...

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  1. My favorite wine bar in Austin is the Wink Wine Bar, nextdoor to Wink, on Lamar near 10th street.

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    1. re: tom in austin

      I know that Cru is opening a wine bar in the Domain. Bad news, I just don't know when... But, they have wine flights. As does Trulucks (arboretum & downtown), Cool River, Jaspers. Good luck!

      1. re: Aggiegirl1998

        Cru already has a winebar open in Austin. I'm pretty sure it's on 2nd st.

      2. re: tom in austin

        I agree that Wink Wine Bar (not the restaurant) is the best of the limited ones we can choose from. That's if you're into diverse and interesting wines and more of a wine fanatic. I think their selection is best (not quantity-wise but interest-wise). I'll make the caveat though that one of the bartenders/owners can be really nice one minute and then pretty unfriendly the next. It really affected their service for me. The other bartender has always been really, really cool.

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        1. There's a wine bar on Guadalupe (between 38th and 45th) called Vino Vino that I haven't been to, but I'm sure they serve wine flights. Seems to be a chummy joint from what I can tell.

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            Chummy is a good way to describe the place. The owner and manager are pretty laid-back, probably I would be to if I worked/drank in a wine bar all day. They just got their licenses to sell wine by the glass, don't know if they have flights or not though. And, it's not downtown.

            1. re: Ken W

              Just to follow up on this: I went to Vino Vino on Saturday night and they do not sell flights. In fact, of the hundreds of wines they have, only nine are sold by the glass.

              That said, the prices are VERY reasonable; bottles range in price from $10 to $245, so there's something there for every budget. We split a bottle of pink bubbly, being girly girls and all -- and damn if I can't remember the name of our wine. We also shared the dark chocolate mousse, which was light and airy and rich and perfectly satisfying. I'll definitely be back.

              1. re: bookgrrl72

                I was there Friday night with my wife and we had the same bubbly ( lucien albrecht cremant d'alsace rosé alsace ). For the price, that was a pretty good glass of sparkling wine (and they give you a full glass). We also split an order of the gravlax (a cured salmon in case you don't know - I didn't), which was quite good (although the presentation needs some work). A pretty good wine bar for the central area.

                1. re: Ken W

                  Finally tried this place on Saturday night. Still no flights on the menu that I could see, and I counted 8 wines served by the glass. The gentleman at the bar (the owner, I believe) told me that if you can guarantee you'll purchase a minimum 2 glasses, he'll open any wine in the house. I wish I could remember the names of what we ordered; my coworker had a $38 bottle of a Côte de Rhone and I had a selection that was at the very bottom of the "wine-by-the-glass list." A 2004 Italian cab, bold chocolatey and minty. When I first received my wine it tasted as though maybe it had turned. I swirled and waited hoping it might open up, no dice. I hate complaining (esp. in local places) but I went ahead and mentioned this and asked if that was just the way the wine was supposed to taste. The wine steward tasted and said it was just opened in the AM but it seemed like maybe it was a bad bottle. Not sure if he was serious or just being polite (I'm sure it's obvious I'm no wine expert) but either way he was very accommodating. He graciously offered to try another bottle, or let me pick something else, or both. I chose a fresh bottle of the same and it was much, much better, though I'm not sure I would order that particular again (just not a huge mint person). There was an Oregon pinot noir on the WBTG list that sounded promising if you're sticking to that list. Another server came over and encouraged us to purchase food, mentioning that they were again sold out of their top seller (salmon tartare or some such??). Other food items on the menu include Anise Creme Brulee, and Watermelon, watercress, and pistachio salad, as well as the mousse mentioned above. I was definitely impressed by the service and appreciated the laid back atmosphere. Plan to return.

          2. actually Cru has a wine bar downtown on 2nd street next to Taverna. Good selection of wine, but a little pricey for what you get. Try the appetizers; their gourmet pizzas are delicious. They also have cheese flights to go with your wine flights.

            1. If you'll give it a few months, Four Seasons is remodeling their cafe and (I'm on the construction crew) they are going to be opening a world-class wine bar.