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Jun 16, 2007 08:52 AM

Mario Batali and the old Tarry Lodge in Port Chester?

I heard Mario Batali bought the old Tarry Lodge restaurant space with another investor. Any word as to whether a restaurant is going in there??

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  1. His partner, Joe Bastiach (sp?), son of Lydia, bought the building. Not Mario. No plans to open anyhting as of yet.

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    1. re: winston1

      This rumor is definitely making the rounds, though. My hairstylist in Rye Brook mentioned it to me the other day.

      1. re: marcia2

        Yes it's true. There was even an article in the Journal News and the Greenwich Time a few months back. Rumor has it that Joe Bastianich & Mario Batali ate breakfast @ Vinny's Lunch one morning. There has been absolutely no visible activity at the location of the old Tarry Lodge until very recently, when I saw a few men on the roof installing what appeared to be air conditioning or some sort of ventilation. That was just the other day. I pass that location at least once daily.

        1. re: LHorch

          I read something about new mediterrean restaurant in Port Chester - in which Mario Batali and a friend either went to check out, or were part of it.. I don't remember what the name of the restaurant is.... but I think I read about this in the Journal News.. just this past week.. Gawd, my memory must be shot if I can't remember from one week to the next!!

          However, I do remember that the review sounded wonderful and delicious and made me want to go check it out.. the phrase that stuck in my head was "not your typical red-sauce restaurant.." and the selections the reviewer spoke of were of more rural italian like roasted veggies and meats - no pasta dishes..

          Does anyone know what I'm talking about??? :)

            1. re: laylag

              How is Nessa? I wanted to try it out this weekend.

              1. re: savorii

                I went on Wednesday evening and was truly pleasantly surprised. The food was surprisingly light for italian....even the gnocchi floated off the plate. The bruschetta was delicious and I was very happy to see that all of the ingredients were fresh. The food was very clean so to speak.

                It was a little loud, but not disturbingly so. I would gladly go back.

            2. re: swept

              They were referring to Nessa

              1. re: MRS

                I had heard that Joe Bastianich had dinner at Nessa and was commenting that they were going to be neighbors (this was after they purchased the Tarry Lodge). I hope and pray they open something there! It would be a HUGE success.