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Jun 16, 2007 06:45 AM

FarmBoy in Sherman Oaks: Great frozen yogurt!

Can anyone offer some suggestions for other frozen yogurt places in the Sherman Oaks/Van Nuys area? I stopped into Farm Boy last weekend to discover they now have a serve yourself frozen yogurt and fruit bar for .30cents an ounce. It's great! I like that I can chose the amount I desire. It had a nice sour to sweet balance. Has anyone else tried it? Thanks!

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  1. That is cool. that litte place is great!

    1. I just tried it this past weekend too, it was very very good!

      1. I like it too. You can mix flavors (I stuck with plain, but there was blueberry as well) and you can add whatever fruits and toppings you like.

        Once I discovered it, I decided to never overpay at Pinkberry , etc. again.

        Love that Farm Boy.

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        1. re: lad1818

          and you can buy the blueberries seperate at less than two bucks for a package! Farm Boy is a great little store

          1. re: lad1818

            Ahhh---when I went yesterday they had mango instead of blueberry. They must alternate their second flavor, which is great. Although I ordered the plain, I sampled the mango and it was delicious.

            1. re: running pig

              It's now 39 cents an ounce, but the toppings are varied & fresh, like everything at Farm Boy. Try their veggie pancakes - deelish.

              Great store. Nice flowers, too.

              1. re: sherpa50

                Yeah, 39 cents an ounce is still a good deal. Thanks for the tip about the veggie pancakes. I got some gorgeous, pencil-thin asparagus there yesterday for $1.99 per pound.

          2. I love Farm Boy! It feels so nice and mom and poppy; their frozen yogurt is great (and I'm very picky about my frozen yogurt); I've ordered fruit and veggie platters from them (so much better than Costco) and my 6 year old loves their dried mango!

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              I'm right in there with y'all on Farm Boy's yogurt. I'm a real fan of the mango flavor. Pinkberry's can just blow away... please.