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Jun 16, 2007 05:54 AM

Willett House for private party

Has anybody been to any private affairs at Willett House. They do catering in their private rooms and offer varied menus that include more than steak. I worry about a steak house not doing anything but their specialty well - what about service? We are talking about a rehearsal dinner for about 70 people.

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  1. Willet House does a very nice job for private parties. We've had many gatherings there.

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    1. re: OrganicLife

      A friend of mine had her daughter's engagement party there and it was really good.

      1. re: OrganicLife

        were they sit down dinners or buffet?

        1. re: jgail

          Sit down dinners. out family has a bit of a buffet

        2. re: OrganicLife

          My husband agrees about buffets. The reason we were considering is because wedding is next night - sit-down meal with a similar menu to Willett - we wanted to do something a little different.

        3. I was at an engagement party there - they did a nice job.

          1. The willet House should be one of the best steak house around, We have to judge that.
            I know also that the owner bougth Telluride in Stamford, CT wchich is a good 4 corners cuisine with some new american twist.

            1. I've been to a few private parties at the Willett House over the years and they did a great job every time. You can't find a better steak in Westchester!