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Jun 16, 2007 05:54 AM

Cilantro Margarita @ La Tradiciones PHX

Arrived back in Phoenix from a hellish 4 Days in D.C.....eating bland catered food under a tent in the rain @ a Corporate Retreat.
I was craving Sunshine and great Mexican Food.
I headed straight for La Traciones...ordered the Cilantro Margarita and I was Home!
It was cool, refreshing and a delicious hint of!
I am addicted!
We also enjoyed the Pollo Verde Encilada, A Mole Enchilada and the Creamy Smooth Flan.....
I am so Happy to be back home in in AZ!

Does any one else in Town Make Cilantro Margaritas?
Who else makes a Great Margarita?

Then we hit Phoenix Ranch Market for Carne Asada and other goodies to take home for the weekend!

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  1. Did somebody say MOLE enchiladas? Cilantro margaritas? I'm looking for my car keys already...

    1. I think Twisted is worth a trip for the margaritas (jalepeno, tamarind, hibiscus, cinnamon lime or mango) and maybe a pretzel at the bar...

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      1. re: azhotdish

        Yummy....Twisted's Margarita's sound fab!
        I think I will be heading that way this week!