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Jun 16, 2007 05:48 AM

takeout coffee in Jackson heights

I live in JH but am away for the summer while a friend is staying in my place. He loves all the cheap food options in the neighborhood and has been adventurous trying places, but he is very frustrated that he can't seem to find a good cup of takeout coffee. Since I generally make my coffee at home and haven't ever even looked for a takeout coffee nearby, I did some searches and suggested he try la nueva on 86th and Lety bakery near 77th. (My apt. is on 85th). I don't know if he's tried those but he mentioned again he is frustrated so maybe he tried them and they didn;t fit the bill. I recently read on the about.com page that Cositas Ricas might be good for an espresso but I before suggesting another potential dead-end to my friend I thought i should ask on here. Do any of the diners have particularly good takeout coffee? What about dunkin donuts?

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  1. I am not a fan myself, but it looks like a Starbucks is opening at 78th St. & 37th Avenue:


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      When I click on this link to the new JH Starbucks store, it still works. However, when I go directly to the starbucks website and do the search myself (tried 'stores' 'new stores' and 'coming soon') nothing comes up for 11372. does this mean they decided not to come after all?

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        I just called them, and customer service said that their database still shows it, even if the public one does not. She told me that we could find out by calling the city and asking, as it is possible that building permits have not yet been given (landmark building and all that) just yet.

    2. With La Nueva, I believe you have to get the cappucchino because the cafe con leche is very weak. There is a Dunkin' Donuts opening up on Roosevelt Ave by 82nd Street, but it may not be here for the summer. There's also going to be an independent coffee shop on 77th near 37th any day now. The diners' coffee isn't great around here. The coffee in Colombian places isn't bad. It just has a lot of milk. However, I usually drink my own coffee (very strong Bustelo or special) at home because I can't have caffeine after noon so I really haven't tried the coffee in most of the restaurants.

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        An independent coffee shop in JH ? we havent' been able to sustain one of those for qutie some time. I'm curious to know more about it. Mayhaps it will be a viable alternative to the invasion of the Starbucks Machine. I'd love to know more about it.

      2. You'll be very surprised at the recommendation. Burger King on 82nd St off of 37th Ave. It's called Burger King Joe. It's 100% premium arabic bean and its very good. I've had it many times and is available in decaf and regular. It was introduced November 2006.

        1. Lety's has a pretty decent (thought not great) cup -- and when you pair it with one of their cookies, well, it gets even better.

          As for the Starbucks news...I thought we were still a few years off from it ending up here. I've really grown to love that JH isn't loaded with all that's everywhere else. I know I'll end up there, laptop in lap, soy latte in hand, but I am sort of sorry to hear that it's on the way.

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            I'm not at all sorry especially considering the type of stores we have on 37th Ave. We certainly don't need another 99 Cent Store, Fabric Store, Sari Shop, Korean Produce Market, Eyeglass store, etc. I look forward to Starbuck's. Lety's coffee/espresso/cappuccino can't campare to Starbuck's and neither can any of the other coffee places such as Dunkin Donuts.

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              Actually I think Lety's coffee--and I don't even love it--is much better than Starbucks regular coffee. I like other Starbucks products but...the plain old coffee is dreck. And no, we don't need another 99 cent store but I really just hope the neighborhood doesn't end up looking like every other neighborhood. I'm rooting for the small independent coffee shop that's opening in the neighborhood -- I just hope they do well.

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                Hey JH'ers,
                Any idea about the latest on Espresso 77 and Starbucks? Every time I walk by 78-25 I expect to see at least the gates open, but so far it seems like everything has stopped. As for Esp 77, where is it? It seems like it's all residential there...

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                  Scroll Down to yesterday. The owner Jules NYC posted an update on Espresso 77, 35-57 77th St. It's next to 3 others stores (barber shop, asian doctor & cell phone store). Starbuck's is a mystery. No one seems to know why no construction work. Originally thought it had to do with an issue between Starbuck's and the Jackson Heights Beautification Committee.

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                    And i just wrote to Starbucks asking for even a general opening date, and they wrote back with a cryptic "due to various construction laws we cannot approximate any store opening dates."

                    It was a total non-answer.

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                      Adesso: Many thanks for contacting Starbuck's. Sorry you didn't get an answer. I don't want to be negative but I'm beginning to wonder if it will ever open. It's 4 months since the former tenant closed and absolutely NO work has been done. I certainly don't want to blame it on the JH's Beautification Committee without having all the facts. I just returned from spending $2 at Carollo's Bakery for an espresso that was awful. Ledy's isn't any better. I've never had a bad espresso at Starbuck's and I've had hundreds.

            2. I live in Sunnyside, but I second the recommendation on any of the Colombian places. There's plenty of those in my nabe as well. If he wants coffee black, ask for cafe solo. I have a couple of places here I stop into once in awhile when I don't want sbux.

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                I agree with Mike V. We have enough crap stores on Roosevelt that keep the dregs of society around. It will be nice to have a place where you can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee. There is no nice environment like that in the neighborhood. Dunkin Donuts is always filled to capacity and is not a nice space to sit and relax in at all. I welcome the change.

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                  4real: I looked at the space at 78-25 37th Ave and it's enormous. It's at least twice the space of most Starbuck's. They'll be lots of space to sit and relax. The space is currently occuped (Gift Shop). It's next door to NOVO Restaurant. We most likely have at least a 6 month wait. I'm excited.

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                    Mike V, I also took a stroll looking for the Starbucks locale to be, but didn't see the number 78-25 on any of the buildings. I'm sure I missed it. However, I did see that the Global telecommunications place on the corner has closed down and the windows are boarded. I assumed that was the location for the Starbucks. I'll have to check the numbers again.

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                      Sandrina: NOVO Restaurant is 78-23 and the corner (formerly Global) is 78-31. So the Gift Shop must be 78-25. However, I feel that the address on the Starbuck's website 78-25 37th Ave could be a mistake and that the space is actually 78-31 78th St. This could be a Realtor mistake concerning the actual address. The reason I say this is that the Gift Shop is still open and the space they have is enormous. I doubt if Starbuck's would need so much space. I feel strongly (could be wrong) that it will be the corner store. Also, work is in progress at the new coffee shop scheduled to open on 77th St.

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                        Mike V, thanks for the info. I too believe that the 78-25 address may possibly be a realtor mistake. The corner place seems to be a more reasonable size for a Starbucks than the gift shop. Re: the 77th Street place, I live just a block north and therefore walk by quite frequently. Whenever I do, the gate is down. I'm looking forward to this place opening. Are you aware of a specific grand opening date yet?

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                          Work is in progress at 77th St. I live on 77th St and walk by very often during the day (I work at home). The workers only open the gate very little and have plastic at the door so I can't see in. It must have taken a long time to get the permits from the City. Originally, it was scheduled to open in June. Mid August seems reasonable.

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                            My wife and I are so happy that Starbuck's is coming. Looking forward to the increased property values...While we're sad to see the Indian clothing store leave 77th Street, we live two doors down and we're glad a new coffee shop is coming. Lety is a let down. I always go to Carollo bakery, much better baked goods than Lety, in my opinion.