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Jun 15, 2007 09:32 PM

New Kitchen [moved from Home Cooking board]

When it comes time to remodel my kitchen, which should be within the next year, which route should I take? 6-8 burners over an oven and a half (you know, as in one whole unit, commercial of course) ... or 6-8 burner range, with an over/under double oven elsewhere in the kitchen? Let's assume space is not an issue.

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  1. The over/under oven doesn't work for me because I'm short. The last thing I want to do is handle hot things that are above my comfort zone to reach. My sister didn't consider that when designing her kitchen, and ends up dragging people in from the living area to get things out of the top oven.

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        yeah, that's a good point. It's all about comfort on that one. I didn't have space but would have much preferred a double over-under oven because I hate stooping down. So definitely go with what will be more comfortable.

        Good issue to have, though! I wish I had space for a 6-8 burner!

      2. We are in the process of re-doing our kitchen right now. My wife and I both cook so over unders are the way we went. I'm 6'2" & my wife is 5' so she can have the lower oven & I'll take the top one. We also went with a 6 burner gas cooktop.

        1. We remodeled 2 years ago and I LOVE having my rangetop separate from my double wall ovens. All my pots/pans go in huge slide out drawers under the range and my bakeware goes above and below my double ovens. I also LOVE my refrigeration drawers and having 2 dishwashers.

          1. We are moving from a small kitchen in a very old house in the bay area to a new home in NE Florida. I have a Garland 4 burner with oven in the old house. When we remodeled there was NO room for even on more oven and having had double ovens for years did I even miss that, especially during the holidays.

            The new house will have built in double ovens and a separate 6 burner gas cooktop. I can't wait.

            1. Phil, There is another option as well. We opted for a Dacor Duel Fuel Range (4 burner) and a single Dacor wall oven. The range offers an electric oven with a gas broiler--which I love. Dacor's matching microwave could start a nuclear event if used on high. If you decide this route, note the range and the oven have different depths depending upon how you plan to mount them.