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New Kitchen [moved from Home Cooking board]

When it comes time to remodel my kitchen, which should be within the next year, which route should I take? 6-8 burners over an oven and a half (you know, as in one whole unit, commercial of course) ... or 6-8 burner range, with an over/under double oven elsewhere in the kitchen? Let's assume space is not an issue.

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  1. The over/under oven doesn't work for me because I'm short. The last thing I want to do is handle hot things that are above my comfort zone to reach. My sister didn't consider that when designing her kitchen, and ends up dragging people in from the living area to get things out of the top oven.

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        yeah, that's a good point. It's all about comfort on that one. I didn't have space but would have much preferred a double over-under oven because I hate stooping down. So definitely go with what will be more comfortable.

        Good issue to have, though! I wish I had space for a 6-8 burner!

      2. We are in the process of re-doing our kitchen right now. My wife and I both cook so over unders are the way we went. I'm 6'2" & my wife is 5' so she can have the lower oven & I'll take the top one. We also went with a 6 burner gas cooktop.

        1. We remodeled 2 years ago and I LOVE having my rangetop separate from my double wall ovens. All my pots/pans go in huge slide out drawers under the range and my bakeware goes above and below my double ovens. I also LOVE my refrigeration drawers and having 2 dishwashers.

          1. We are moving from a small kitchen in a very old house in the bay area to a new home in NE Florida. I have a Garland 4 burner with oven in the old house. When we remodeled there was NO room for even on more oven and having had double ovens for years did I even miss that, especially during the holidays.

            The new house will have built in double ovens and a separate 6 burner gas cooktop. I can't wait.

            1. Phil, There is another option as well. We opted for a Dacor Duel Fuel Range (4 burner) and a single Dacor wall oven. The range offers an electric oven with a gas broiler--which I love. Dacor's matching microwave could start a nuclear event if used on high. If you decide this route, note the range and the oven have different depths depending upon how you plan to mount them.

              1. When space allows, virtually all high-end kitchens go with a separate range top and double wall ovens nearby. Allows more flexibilty and access when cooking, as well as storage right there.

                I designed a kitchen once that had a 60 inch (10 burner) dual fuel range (double ovens under) and a double wall oven (steam convection) - as well as two microwaves. They also had two dishwashers, a 36" fridge, 36" freezer (and a chest freezer in the "pantry"), a full height wine cooler, two fridge drawers, ice machine, a kitchen sink, plus two "prep" sinks (one that did double duty as a bar sink).

                For that family, neither space nor budget were factors when it came to the kitchen. Cooking was the family hobby and often included grandma, parents, kids & inlaws - virtually every weekend was a major food fest. I once saw them use 9 of the 10 burners, all 4 ovens and both microwaves at the same time.

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                  I have a small galley kitchen, so I was very limited when I did my kitchen re-do. And a small budget, but that didn't stop me from getting some extra things I really wanted. I went to lots of kitchen places, and poured through magazines. I also went on HGTV message boards, and asked tons of questions.

                  I loved the drawer dishwashers, but didn't end up with them. I did get a Bosch dishwasher, and love it, as it's totally silent! So great. Extra wide drawers, slide outs in cabinets for lots of pan/pot storage, pantry/cabinet, that turns to use both sides. Spice cabinets with lots of space, I use it alot.

                  I may not have a big, beautiful kitchen, but mine has allowed me to use my small kitchen to the max. And I cook alot. Oh if I had more space, I would have added a water source/pot filler over the stove.

                  Good luck.

                2. I have two homes each use Dacor appliances and we love them. In our primary residence we have Dacor's Epicure 48" Duel-Fuel Range (also available in 30" and 60"). In the other we have the Epicure gas cooktop and Preference Double-Wall Oven. The Wall Oven features a Discovery Controller that is one of the most hi-tech and easy-to-use control panels I've ever seen. We love Dacor and we've outfitted our kitchen with their entire line of cooking, refrigeartion and dishwasher appliances. They even have a Microwave In A Drawer which we installed below the counter and my wife absolutely loves it! We've previously owned Thermador and Wolf/Sub-Zero products and they don't compare to the style, design and professional performance Dacor offers.

                  1. 13 months later, my kitchen is finally finished! I highly recommend "6-8 burner range, with an over/under double oven elsewhere." My custom Wolf cooktop is 4 burners & so far, so good (one of the most dramatic details of the "new do" is the huge stainless hood - I love it). My "over/under" is located away from my cooktop & the "over" is convection only & I find that it's used most (I'm 6'3", so it works better for me). I no longer own a microwave - space was a consideration in the overall big picture - I've not missed it once. My boiled water & popping popcorn are done the old-fashioned way on my cooktop & the gas burner is quicker than one thinks.

                    I went with Subzero for refrigeration & between my wacky cheese obession, my clever architect & the fine minds @ Subzero, I have a separate cheese drawer & produce drawer next to & outside of my actual refrigerator. Since I'm not a collector of wine (I purchase it as needed - whether for drinking &/or cooking), I decided to opt for more refrigeration - hence the cool drawers, in lieu of a cumbersome wine cooler. My architect did wonders with the limited space & we focused on good lighting, natural coloring & cooking/working areas instead of unnecessary gadgets & trendy appliances.

                    The best appliance I replaced is my new next-to-noiseless Miele Optima Series dishwasher. It's an incredible machine - I put my vintage Gumps, Wedgwood, Tiffany - you name it, I put it in there - everything goes in & comes out sparkly unharmed. I wish there was a way to put my Portuguese Water Dogs in (only teasing).

                    My only gripe is the other kitchen noise. The designers talked me into raising the ceiling much higher than I intended to. I now have eighteen (18) ft. ceilings, which has created great visual volume, but I won't lie, it's loud. I now have tiny recessed Bose speakers (another awesome detail from the architect) that are almost blind to the eye, but provide beautiful (beau when I'm cooking French) music & having the music on is diverting the echo/clatter when I have a crowd in. If I had to do it all over again, I'd change the ceiling height & would have kept wood floors. I went with marble floors & counter/work tops with stainless accents. My cabinets are lacquered finished with lots of opalescent glass, so the new materials & increased height have definitely made the volume increase - I'm getting used to it.

                    All & all - I'm really happy. Bon Appetit!