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Jun 15, 2007 08:44 PM

Omonia since the renovation?

Has anyone been? I don't think it used to be busy, but since the snazzy new renovations, the place seems quite busy. I wonder if the food has also changed. When I went there for Greek food a few years ago, it was just so-so. There were better restaurants on the Danforth.

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  1. The place looks great. The food doesn't.

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    1. re: embee

      Whenever I'm in the mood for a souvlaki on a bun, I have gone to Omonia. About once a year. I've continued to enjoy them whenever I have gone, but it's hard to track the quality, since I go so infrequently. We have been planning to go to Omonia for a family dinner--mainly chicken and pork souvlakia, Greek salads. Any other suggestions for a non-upscale place, or should we stick to Omonia?

      1. re: Yongeman

        I like Asteria, between Chester and Broadview. It's not Astoria, which is on the corner, although that has decent food (not great). Asteria is a family-run place with cheesy Greece photos on the walls and wood beams. Very 70's. The food is good, basic Greek food in large portions.

        1. re: Yongeman

          My friends make me go to astoria because they love the pork and tzatziki so much - plus the generous portions. Personally I dislike the pork there. I do think their chicken souvlaki is above average and their tzatziki is the thickest garlickiest around!

          But a bit more favourite are Pantheon and Mezes.

          1. re: Yongeman

            We like the Friendly Greek, which is on the south side of the Danforth. Very informal, standard greek fare, but the waiters are friendly, the portions quite large, prices low, and the food is tasty. I especially like the lamb chops - four on the plate, plus all the usual sides.

            1. re: Yongeman

              My two choices would be Mezes (huge menu) or Avli, though Avli strays a little from the 'standard' Greek stuff.

              1. re: Julie McCoy

                We did end up at Omonia (son's choice). We all basically stuck to souvlakia--chicken or pork. The consensus on the food was: potatoes very good (but salty), rice good (powdered stock?), pork souvlaki quite moist and good, chicken souvlaki ok, but dry, Greek salad quite tasty. All in all, not a bad meal. The east-facing patio was superlative on a hot, sunny evening--all shade. I won't hurry back, but it was ok.

                1. re: Julie McCoy

                  I agree Mezes, Avli and Pantheon are my favorites on the Danforth.

            2. I haven't been in ages, but I ordered delivery three times and I always liked their food. It wasn't excellent, but it was appealing and fresh and tasty. Unfortunately, I'm sure that they use MSG in some form (probably in their broth), and because of that I got ill each time we tried it.

              1. We've gone to Omonia at least once a month (and for some periods weekly) for 25 years (the restaurant itself is only 29 years old so that's saying something), we went once after the renovation and doubt we'll be back, it's a shame because the owners are nice folks but they've botched it up.

                Why we went was for a consistent, friendly, old skool, meal. It's was not haute cuisine, it was certainly not updated Greek, if that's what you wanted you went to Pan or others. Now they are trying to do the updated Greek thing but the kitchen doesn't have the chops to deliver it.

                I think I can sum it up in one comparison
                old menu: grill toasted sesame buns and pita
                new menu: whole wheat dinner roll, cold

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                1. re: bytepusher

                  I used to love the the place, chicken (wonderful), lamb , kokoretsi. The only place that cooked on a spit. But even then there was a bit of a lack of care- unripe and plastic tomatoes, etc. Then about 18 years ago when business was really good for an extended period, Yiannis (owner) got interested in other projects- a nightclub across the street, branches, etc The quality of the food went to hades . Intstead of mistaking himself for Alexander the Great he should have bought his location and paid attention to maintaining the standard. A few visits in the intervening years were discouraging. The spit in the window has been gone for a number of years: what's the point anymore?

                  1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

                    Having had a bad experience at a nearby restaurant, we ended up at Omonia last night.
                    With some very menacing dark clouds in the sky and sitting on the south patio, I needed a pick-me-up.
                    I got it.
                    Service was prompt and attentive.
                    There was a basket of bread immediately placed on our table with a dish of what turned out to be mashed black olives, I guess a little oil and some other spices. We spread it on the bread and it was different than just the plain bread or garlic bread you get elsewhere.
                    We decided to order a couple of apetizers to start our meal.
                    Our choice was Skordalia and also Feta Potatoes
                    We have tried Skordalia at many places on the Danforth and this was the best we have had to date. It was even garlicy enough for us, which is saying something. The pita was toasted and served warm.

                    The Feta Potatoes consisted of small slices of fried potatoes covered in crumbled feta cheese and nicely spiced.
                    During this time, there was a portly older gentleman going around tables asking how things were and I think I heard someone ask him if he was the owner but I imagine he was.
                    Not being in the mood to be more adventurous, we just ordered the Chicken Souvlaki for both of us.
                    The plated Greek Salad arrived soon thereafter and while it was nothing too fancy, it was plenty enough for us, and tasty.
                    We did not have to wait long for our mains and the portions were very large.
                    The meal came with rice and roasted potatoes.
                    The rice was not what we were used to at every other places on the Danforth. The rice was cooked to perfection and had veggies and was mildly spiced. Rather nice.
                    The potatoes were cooked properly however as one poster mentioned in another post, a little salty but not overly salty. They had what appeared to be a broth/sauce on them and maybe that contributed to the slightly elevated salt level.
                    The chicken was excellent. Cooked thoroughly and definitely not overdone. And as I mentioned, a huge portion.
                    Two glasses of wine and a glass of Stella.
                    90.00 including tip.

                    I noticed that the staff were very friendly and engaging and our table was checked on a couple of times throughout the meal. And the place was busy.

                    This will be a good fall-back place for me and I will be returning.

                2. The only place I'll eat Greek food is Pantheon (or Square Boy for a quick, cheap and delicious chicken souvlaki)

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                  1. re: air621

                    I agree with Square Boy for the quick , cheap and delicious, however this is my secret "take-out" place. :)
                    Pantheon has been hit and miss for me, but more HIT than miss, so that's a good thing. Pantheon is also one of those fall-back, safe bet places for me.

                    1. re: Poorboy

                      I have eaten at all of the above except for Square Boy and can honestly say that the best souvlaki and tzatiki on the Danforth (and probably in Toronto) is at Messini (across from Mezes). The food is amazing, the quantities huge and the prices can't be beat! They even have an amazing veggie souvlaki with an olive tapenade.

                      1. re: Poorboy

                        Square Boy's burgers can be dscribed in one word: DISGUSTING

                        1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

                          Pantheon's lamb chops were amazing when I was there, good enough that I ordered them again the next time. I found it a bit overpriced though. I agree, zengirl, I went to SB last weekend with my little boy for lunch. I ordered a banquet homeburger and there was so much breadcrumb in the burger that it was mushy. Far, far below the usual standard. But they made an excellent St. Clair ice cream milkshake. I'll probably only order the souvlaki from there from now on.

                          1. re: air621

                            Messini, hands down is our favourite. Fast, delicious, fresh and great portions. It's always packed throughout the day and I think that says something about the place. Square Boy is pretty good but for the money, I vote for Messini.

                            1. re: air621

                              St. Clair icecream can be described in one word: YUCK

                      2. I loved Omonia pre-renovation. Now….. not so sure. Bytepusher had it right, about liking its old school sensibilities pre-renovation. That was half of its appeal; a quiet old school joint that was homey and comfy with simple and very tasty food. But I guess the owners needed a busier spot, which is fair enough. So bring on the predictable renovation with the predictable disappointments. I’ve only been once post-reno and while my food was fairly decent (I must say their new rice is actually a nice improvement on the older version, which I never had any problem with in the first place) it was served quite cold, which had never happened before. My friend’s fish was meh, and gone was the complimentary grilled bread, replaced by half-frozen rolls. Garbage. I was happy they still had garlic bread, and although it was really tasty you now have to shell out $4 for it and it’s not the same old school grilled barely-any-garlic-on-it type of bread as before. I miss that. I think people notice the changed details like that. I certainly do. I also miss the older, no frills plating. Basic. Now food is plated with some awareness and style, which speaks to its new image-conscious personality. My parents also went after I did and their experience was horrific. My service was shoddy, but then again, it pretty much always was, so nothing new there. I miss the old Omonia. I prefer it. I’m happy they are very busy now, with a nice-looking but dime a dozen place. But personally, I don’t think it will be a destination for me like in the old days. We shall see.