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Good local food in Kona

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Does anyone know of any local places in Kona that serve good home cooked food? Looking for plate lunches and saimin noodles.Any advice?

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  1. The three local places near Kona that I stop at are; the Manago Inn, Teshima and Sandy's Drive-in.

    Manago is a old roadhouse, great pork chops and breakfast. Teshima is a Japanese place - GREAT tempura. Sandy's is a real dive but has real plate lunch (I remember getting a fresh Opaka Opaka plate lunch for like $6 bucks).

    1. Big Island Grill is good too, although not necessarily a plate lunch place.

      1. The plate lunch counter in the KTA market at the south end of Kona has great food. Little bit hard to find, down a steep hill in a shopping plaza. Ask the Kona people, they will know where you mean.