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Jun 15, 2007 07:57 PM

New Yorkers in Irving/Las Colinas for lunch

This request for restaurant suggestions from a crew of five New Yorkers is similiar to others I have seen posted so apologies but we need to stay in a certain neighborhood for business in Las Colinas/Irving,TX next week.

We can't really travel so any suggestions for a good catering or delivery place for a casual --but business--lunch for less than 10 people? I am trying to keep the (picky) clients happy so good but not too expensive is the key. Barbecue recommendations would be great. Is Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse more like a fast food chain? I can't tell...from Brooklyn. Picking up for take out is also an option!

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  1. Sonny Bryan's is a local chain and I think most people on this board would tell you to avoid them, especially the Irving location.

    A better bet might be Red, Hot, and Blue - also a chain, but a step above. They also have quite a large catering and take-out menu.

    My favorite in Irving is Fred's BBQ, but I don't know if they deliver.

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