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Jun 15, 2007 06:06 PM

Teele Square: Indian take-out

I walked by "Guru the caterer" dozens of times over the past couple years. (1297 Broadway next to the New Delhi Market) Recently there was a small sign reading "take-out." So, after getting a tip from a knowledgeable food lover (recommended the chapatis), I went in. Pushp (Pushpinder) prepares a couple of dishes a day and does most of his business with the box lunch crowd at MIT and elsewhere. And is now selling from his place on Broadway. There's a non-veg and a veg choice, with basmati rice, roti. Not to overstate it, but it's some of the best Indian food I have had in the Boston area, really good. Not heavy/oily/too rich but flavorful, fresh and the real deal. And he's a nice guy. So, if you are in the neighborhood and he has his sign out, pop in and check him out.
Oh yeah, it's

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  1. I mentioned this place months ago and still love his food. The lentils are amazing but he has amazing specials daily with a different theme. Definetely worth a try.

    1. I got the chicken combo today and was very happy with it. $6.50 got a pint of steamed rice, about 3/4 pint of chicken in sauce, a half-pint of pakoras in a spiced yogurt sauce (these all packed in separate plastic tubs) and 2 roti (foil-wrapped). Very tasty and quite enough for 2 meals. I'd say the spicing was moderate but I'm sure many people would find the chicken very spicy--I like my chili. I agree with "Not heavy/oily/too rich but flavorful, fresh and the real deal."

      He stays open until 6 or 6:30 and has been experimenting with the dinnertime business. So far he says results are encouraging, he sells a fair amount between 5:30 and 6. I'd call to check he still has food: 617-319-4392. Same block as Szechuan Bay.

      1. Thanks for the tip--I tried this today for lunch.

        I chose the vegetarian option, which got me a pint of brown rice (there was a choice of white or brown), a pint of chana masala, a half-pint of a curried potato and green bean dish, a couple of roti, and a small container of pickles.

        The chana masala was very tasty, although I would have preferred it to be a good deal spicier. I, too, really enjoy my capsaicin! The potatoes were slightly over-salted and under-spiced, which made them taste like diner hash browns. Luckily, I happen to really like diner hash browns, so this was no big deal :) The roti were great--nice chewy texture. And the rice was well cooked and not at all greasy.

        There was definitely more than enough food for a single meal (which didn't stop me from eating every bite, and now I am completely stuffed). At $5.50, it's really a fantastic deal, and I plan to return regularly. What a great, great find!

        1. Guru's got new food!! I've been eating Pushp's food for awhile now and it's all been really really good. If you like chicken at all, you'll definitely enjoy the chicken combos he has. When I went by his place this weekend, Pushp's had a rice pudding that was out of this world. He also had a strawberry lassi along with the usual mango lassi. Both of them are delicious!! If it's a hot day and you're looking for a good way to cool down, lassi's the way to go.

          I completely agree with the "not heavy/oily/too rich but flavorful, fresh and the real deal" comment. Pushp's food is never heavy and never leaves your stomach with a bad feeling. It's always fresh and flavorful and it's never too hot so if you can't handle spicy food, this food should be perfect for you.

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            I tried a chicken lunch special (boneless chicken cooked with spinach, aloo baingan--potatoes and eggplant stewed to a yummy softness with tomatos, onion, ginger, cumin and just the lightest bit of oil + two very fresh tasting rotis) last week based on all the recommendations here. (As I am trying to practice portion control, I made ~ 3 meals out of it, which was very nice for the price.)

            Another selling point is that PushP. is such a nice man! He seems like a really great neighbor to the stores next door to him, and told a couple of people ahead of me in line who were short a dollar or two, to just come back and pay in a couple of days.

            Glad to hear that he is also open on weekends. Will check it out again. Again, something I never would have known about if not for Chowhound!

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              Watch out, last I was in there was a queue! Word is getting out...

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                Thanks for the reminder about this place. After eating the most mediocre food from Diva at ArtBeat on Saturday (I should have known better but I was starving and it was there and and ....) I really want to find quality Indian food in the vacinity. I enjoy Namaskar's lunch buffet but it's nice to have a few options for dinner.

          2. mmm! thank you so much for noticing the takeout option; i had been hoping for an excuse to try his catering...but this is even better. stopped by tonight for dal makahni, chicken curry (korma maybe?) and saag with very good and so inexpensive...the fresh roti was very very good, i loved watching him make it...this is going to be our default dinner option for sure. as other reviewers said: fresh and flavorful...DC had a whole cinnamon stick in his chicken (this is a good thing!)

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              I went to Guru today on Broadway in Somerville. I got the chicken combo for $6.50. Chicken curry, potato and peas in a tomato sauce, basmatti rice and 2 roti. The food was very tasty and a little spicy IMHO. Not as spicy as the food I got from Rang's in Stoneham. Everything was fresh and delicious and cheaper than Rang's.