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Three... new place in Baltimore. I dig it.

Three... took the place of the Parkside at the intersection of Linwood and Baltimore in Patterson Park.

I live very close and went to the Parkside every so often because I really wanted to like it, but in the end, wasn't crazy about it.

My wife and I were pretty excited when we saw that a new place was coming in. We didn't realize they had opened but decided to roll in on a whim.

The emphasis on small plates is pretty cool making almost feel like a tapas place (that along with some really good ceviche and fries with garlic aioli), but they had some entree sized specials as well.

We only ate a little, as we already had plans to come home and cook the chicken we had defrosting.

The food was great (admittedly we only popped in for a quick bite), menu looked interesting but not so exotic that I couldn't bring my parents and their boring palates the next time they come and visit, and the owners were incredibly friendly as they circulated around checking on everyone.

I feel like Three... is exactly what I wanted the Parkside to be and I hope they are around for a long time.

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  1. Glad you liked it. The guys running it (particularly Deuce from One Eyed Mike's) are good guys and seem to know how to run the front end of a restaurant.

    It was packed Firday night. Think everyone from the neighborhood was there. That being said, I've talked to a few people, and there seems to be a consensus as to what everyone is talking about. (1) Interesting menu (ceviche, something that's supposed to be "pho," lamb sliders, filet carpaccio, etc.). (2) It's very loud, at least when it's packed. (3) They try very hard at the service thing. (4) People will be back.

    Really hope that succeeds.

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      My favorites thus far are the Lamburger sliders, the fried oyster mushrooms, the hummus plate and the garlic fries.

      AVOID the mussels... made with scotch bonnet peppers, I felt them for 3 days. OWWW. The wait staff worn people now. Wish mine had that day!

    2. Thanks for the update. Can't wait to check this place out.

      1. I know the chef from his days at Mahaffey's and The Wharf Rat. Good guy (and good food at Mahafffey's), though I haven't had a chance to try the food at Three yet.

        1. Excited to try it! I went past last night and the place was jammed, so think we might wander if for a drink tonight to check out the menu. I'm excited that a place has opened with outside seating...so lacking in this town!

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            " I'm excited that a place has opened with outside seating...so lacking in this town!" With the recent casualty rate for outdoor diners in this town, I'm not so sure that's a bad thing. ;)

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              i know you are just joshing me about this, but seriously! i had a panic attack when i heard about the crash @ Regi's...not bc of the accident but bc I fear some law-suit-wearing-and-good-intender-bearing-overly-concerned and excitable-citizen would start petitioning the city to put a stop to alfresco dining amid a rampant fear campaign!

          2. anybody know if it is opened Monday nights? I live nearby and can't wait to try it, but have been away (sigh, the hard life of being on vacation. . . )

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              I think I overheard someone saying that they are closed on Sundays and Mondays.

              By the way, I went last night for dinner (which was very good), and had the most wonderful dessert. The chef offered both Rodney's Pies (Dangerously Delicious) and his own coeur a la creme. I chose the latter since I just bought a DDP cherry pie this week.

              Oh my. It was transcendent. So light, yet rich, with a dusting of chocolate shavings. I LOVED this, and will definitely return for more!

              1. re: pagoda girl

                We were there on Saturday night for drinks @ the bar and i seem to recall the bartender saying they were a 'Tues-Sat' restaurant.
                I had a hell of a job tracking down the number that day to call for hours so here it is:
                410 327 3333

                I took away a paper carryout (i think) menu but for those who've eaten there, is it JUST small plates? Do they have a full line of entrees?

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                  They have a few, but they are expensive. There are a couple of sandwiches around the $10 range, but the steak is $30. Seems like quite a lot for what I want to be a "neighborhood place". We live close by and have already been in three times (appropriately enough) but have ended up splurging on small plates each time. It adds up FAST.

              2. Has anyone been for Happy Hour? Are there specials? My friends and I have done Cosmo's on Canton Square to death and are looking for a place with good drink specials and interesting snacks. I drove by Three and from all reports it sounds like a good candidate, although points off for the cutesy punctuation.

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                  It only opened 10days ago, so I don't think they're running any specials at the moment. As for happy hour, i don't remember that either. I'd go ahead and call to see what's up or just drop by.

                2. Ate at Three... friday night, I wouldn't rush to go back, it's very loud and and very overpriced. The waitress was "pretty sure" the Pinot Noir was $6 a glass, it wasn't it was $7. The $9 Grilled Tuna salad melt while mildly tasty was 3 small portions on grilled baguette slices and didn't taste grilled at all. The $8 bowl of mussels was in an extremely hot habernero beer broth, and even though it was over salted had a really good taste. There were 9 small mussels in the bowl and on the bill, they were rung up as $9 not the $8 the menu said. The $9 shallow bowl of Pho with soba noodles tasted off and featured with 3 small pieces of beef the size of a quarter each. The garnish was 2 jalapeno slices, 2 lime disks that were hard to squeeze, a few sprouts and a few leaves of basil. I love good Pho but this was embarassing.
                  I like the space but the food was nothing special and very overpriced.

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                  1. re: hon

                    I ate there friday as well, and while I love the space, i agree that it is loud and I wasn't blown away by the food (as much as i really wanted to be). I thought the food was ok, not very attractively presented and very small, we had to keep ordering plates bc we were still hungry. The scallops I thoroughly enjoyed as I did the duck breast. But the tuna tartare was a really ugly plate and there was something about the flavour that I didn't love. The beef carpaccio, was pretty much standard but again, the plate wasn't attractive. I really loved the taste of the smoked raddicchio salad, and I really wanted to love it more but the presentation was awful, it looked like a mass purple and brown mess on the plate. We got there around 9pm and they had already sold out of all but one entree, which I didn't think was too good given they serve quite late. I hope that the kitchen crinks get worked out, bc it's close, has outdoor seating and I really want to love it!

                    1. re: aussiewonder

                      Does anyone know if this place has any interesting beers on top or in bottles or is it pretty standard stuff like Bud and Bud lite? Thanks

                      1. re: jermain84

                        They had Smithwicks on tap, there were others but I just don't remember what they were.

                        1. re: hon

                          I remember Magic Hat No. 9 and Dogfish Head 60 min IPA on tap.

                        2. re: jermain84

                          I do know that they DO NOT have Guinness on tap (my bf is a big fan), but they had the Stout in bottles, unfortunately, not the draft. I also know that I asked if they were going to be carrying "Resurrection" but they are and will not be :(

                    2. Is it as stuffy and pretentious on the inside as it appears from the outside?

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                      1. re: MilliVanilli

                        Somewhat, though the uniform is shorts and baseball hats for guy patrons. The ironic, non-earned hats that were in style in young NYC six years ago--Cat Tractors, etc.

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                          Guess it depends on your definition of 'stuffy and pretentious' but I certainly didn't think so, on either of my visits.

                          1. re: aussiewonder

                            Not stuffy as in a Kali's Court YouMustWearASportcoat UnlessWeKnowYouAndWillSeatYouAheadOfTourists way, or an Aldo's maitre d' glancing at your shoes to peg your income level to see if you're worthy of their tux-clad servers, but that sort sort of "we're part of the young edgy cool world", like at Rocket-to-Venus or Joe-so-not-square pizza. It's actually relaxed, with a bar scene of people picking up a little beer buzz, couples earnestly in discussion, and no dress code. If you wear a suit, you'll feel out of place.

                            1. re: chowsearch

                              I hope your characterization of Aldo's was meant as a joke. In my experience, the service there has always been completely gracious. I've never felt a trace of judgment or that I'm being evaluated for my income level. In fact, more than once I've gone while using a gift certificate -- so for all they know I'm otherwise living off welfare. I've never noticed a difference in the way I've been treated compared to when I was paying my own way.

                        2. Last night they had Magic Hat #9 and Hocus Pocus, Dogfish Head 60 min, Heavy Seas Small Craft Warning... perhaps one more option that I can't recall. The atmosphere that I've observed in the handful of times I've been since their opening is relaxed, laid-back, friendly, casual enough to get away with shorts and a t-shirt, but nice enough to dress up and have a nice night out... Food is delicious, if a bit overpriced for the portion size, but they just got a new chef, so the menu has changed a little. Now they offer a seafood menu that changes daily. The bean soup is highly recommended.