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Jun 15, 2007 04:59 PM

Fast food exclusive to PNW/Portland?

Are there any fast food joints that are exclusive to the PNW/West that can be found in Portland? For example, In-N-Out Burger is exclusive to CA, NV, and AZ. Thanks for your help.

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  1. I'm a big lover of Burgerville, especially in the summer when the Walla Walla onion rings come out, and the blackberry shakes. This is a local, quality burger joint that tries to use mainly local ingredients - Oregon Natural beef, Tillamook cheese (from Oregon's Tillamook Dairy Co-op), Walla Walla onions, local hazelnuts and berries for shakes...

    Mmm, that's good stuff.

    We're from Seattle but we try to stop by on our way down I-5 once we get into range (I think they go as far north as Chehalis/Centralia.)

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    1. re: southendeater

      Big second on Burgerville!
      They are only in a 70-mile radius of Portland.

      I can't think of any other Puddletown fast food, other than the prolific carts.

      1. re: Leonardo

        Thank you both! That sounds like something I'll have to check out when I'm in the area in August. We certainly have nothing like that here.

        Leonardo, by 'carts' do you mean street food stands? Any you can recommend?

        1. re: EmmaToo

          No Fish Go Fish has the BEST soups, and these small fish (shaped - contain no fish) sandwich-type things-wonderful yummy fillings!! They have carts on Fifth and Main, Fifth and Yamhill, and Fourth and Main downtown.

          I have not worked downtown in a couple years... does anyone remember Honkin' Huge Burrito / Shelley's Garden? Are they still around??

      2. re: southendeater

        On a camping trip this past week we stopped at Burgerville twice. In Centralia we got a blackberry smoothy (yogurt shake). Then the next day had lunch on the east side of Vancouver. The blackberry lemonade was better than the smoothy.

        The pepper bacon cheeseburger was good. Lots of bacon, and large chunks of walla walla onion. I was surprised that it tasted a bit bland, but I think that was because it was undersalted compared to most fast food burgers. So I won't complain about that.

        The Walla Walla onion rings were outstanding. 3 big rings that must have used half an onion. Enough onion in the serving to feel like I had my vegetables for the day :)


      3. Is Good Dog/Bad Dog exclusive to Portland. They've got "sausages for all" and are pretty tasty. Also, don't know if this qualifies for fast food (and actually the service can be kinda slow sometimes), but there are lots of little McMenamins Pubs around town. Almost every neighborhood has them. And for local pizza, Pizzicato has several restaurants around town. We go there almost every week as my son takes a piece of cold pizza for lunch every day.

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          Well I ended up passing a Burgerville on Hawthorne but we didn't stop. :( The two of us had just eaten a large pizza plus salad from Apizza Scholls. That is amazing pizza and I was only sad for a few seconds. Next time I'm in Portland I'll have a Burgerville burger.

          1. re: EmmaToo

            Also on par with Apizza is Ken's Artisan Pizza.
            Good Dog is exclusive to PDX but they are down to the airport location.
            More "fast food": Hot Lips Pizza...local sometimes organic ingredients including their own soda.
            Just had a Burgerville Walla Walla ring and it was spectacular.