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Jun 15, 2007 04:37 PM

Very Good Thai in Petaluma?

Hi. We've heard that there's an excellent Thai restaurant in Petaluma, near Pinky's - is it Sea Modern Thai? And is it good? Also, given the heat, do you know if it's air conditioned?

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  1. i had lunch at Thai Ginger Bistro it was not bad, better than most places in sf

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    1. re: Lori SF

      Is Thai Ginger Bistro the place that's just behind Copperfields and on the mini plaza near Della Fattoria? If so, I wanted to love it--outside tables, cloth napkins, some citrus slices in the water, but I found the service charming and the pad kee mao vastly disappointing.

      Desperately seeking quality pad kee mao,

    2. Lori,

      Thank you. A group of us went last night and were pleased with the food, it's presentation and the quality of service - especially at the price. We will definately be back.

      And Miss Louella: it is the restaurant you're thinking of.

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          There were four of us, and we started with the Thai Bistro Rolls. They were long, very thin, crispy eggrolls stuffed with (I think) chicken, shrimp and crab. For lack of a better description, they were shaped like 4" Tootie Rolls in their wrappers. Served with a sweet dipping sauce.

          The 4 entrees included a peanut curry with tofu, a "ruby" curry with chicken, a lamb curry (think a generous portion of lamb chops, with a curry over it), and a seafood curry. All delicious, all with different tastes, and each plated quite differently from the others.

          For dessert, we shared a fried banana (indiviual slices in a fanko-like batter, then fried) with a honey dipping sauce. It was meant to be served with coconut ice cream, but they were out. They comped the dessert.

          We left satified, and with very clean plates.

            1. re: ducky

              glad it worked out. Thai food in SF is always a hit or miss.

        2. I think that Sea Modern Thai is the resturant you were thinking of near Pinky's. I haven't been there yet, but here's a review from the Petaluma Argus-Courier:
 If anyone has tried it, I'd be curious to know what it's like. I have been to Thai Bistro twice and thought it was mediocre.

          1. We've been to Sea a few times and love it! It's more pricey than some of the other places around here (for instance most of their curries are about $15, but are at least twice the portion offered at other places), but the service is great and the food is yummy! If you like curry, they have a great selection. The most interesting is a seafood curry with lychee and I think pineapple in it. They also have a good brown curry. We haven't been to any other place since we've tried Sea. I heard that they are opening another location in Santa Rosa in Montgomery Village. Oh, and I don't recall if it is air conditioned...sorry!

            1. Sadly, Sea Thai has closed their Petaluma location. The space is for lease. I always liked their food and service.

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              1. re: Andrew H

                This makes me sad. I haven't been for a while, but their pumpkin curry was divine...