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Jun 15, 2007 04:28 PM

Looking for Chinese restaurant in Albany/Berkeley/El Cerrito for rehearsal dinner (50 people)

Any suggestions for a Chinese restaurant, good food, not too expensive, that could handle a group of 40-50 on a Friday night for my rehearsal dinner? I'm assuming we'll present a menu and eat family style.

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  1. were you looking for cantonese style or did it matter?

    alot of the chinese restaurants in the area would probably have trouble accomodating a group that size. for non-cantonese, you could try king tsin or china village on solano. i saw a graduation lunch at china village a couple of weeks ago that was 4 tables.

    for cantonese, you could try asia pearl in the pacific east mall. you didn't specify what you consider not too expensive, but asia pearl will probably cost more than most other restaurants in the area.

    if you're open to oakland chinatown, you;d have a few more options.

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      China Village has a room that might hold that number and give a feeling of privacy. The food is good and prices are reasonable.

    2. there's east ocean in emeryville, but the food is only ok.

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        I have not been, but Asian Pearl in the Ranch 99 center is supposed to be very good now, Chinese friends and their parents rave about it.