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Jun 15, 2007 04:16 PM

Cheap downtown Asian for group?

And just to throw in another variable, veggie-friendly.

I know there are tons of posts for group dining, but I haven't found what I'm looking for yet. The detailed parameters:

Cheap = entrées around $10, small plates around $5
Downtown = let's keep this really broad and say below Penn Station
Asian = the whole continent, not just Chinese or Japanese
Group = 10 to 12 people for dinner, will make reservations
Veggie-friendly = more than one vegetarian option (or possibility to modify non-veg dishes)

Ideally, it would also have a fun ambiance, but let's start with the basics.

Some of the possibilities I came across in my search are Klong, Lovely Day, Cafetasia, Gobo, Surya. Feel free to weigh in on those in between suggestions.

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  1. I'd suggest Pongrsi Thai in Chinatown on Bayard (or their midtown location just above Penn - nicer amibence, less fun) . It's fun but no ambience/nice decor at Chinatown location. It meets most of you other requirements (fairly cheap, Asian but not whole continent, room for a group, not sure about reservations, veggie friendly). When I've had a similar size group with similar requirements that is where I've gone. I'm sure other Hounds may have more innovative suggestions.

    1. New Yeah Shangai Deluxe on Bayard Street. It is among the nicest looking restaurants in Chinatown, they can put 10-12 people at a single round table, their vegetarian food is very good. For a group of that size at dinner a reservation is suggested. A search of these boards will give you an indication of their best dishes.

      1. wo hop-mott st-a dive but greeeeeeeeeeeeeeat eats!

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        1. re: UES Mayor

          wo-hop on Mott is know by everyone, everywhere. They have great hours and often long lines. I have eaten at wo-hop (who hasn't?) and would not describe their food as great.

          1. re: financialdistrictresident

            Yeah, that's not exactly the vibe I'm going for (but thanks for the suggestion). Wo-Hop is a little too old-school for this group.

            1. re: piccola

              wo hop downstairs 17 mott for lo mein. vegetarian dim sum house on pellstreet