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Recs, please, for W Village brunch, mother/daughter

I am bringing my mother to the city for her 81st birthday. We would like to have brunch or lunch in the village on Friday or Saturday.

We will need to take a taxi from CPS as my mother is not able to walk more than two or three blocks.

Can anyone recommend a fun place that takes reservations, is not too expensive, is not too touristy, where the cuisine is American or French or Latin but not haute cuisine?

This will be our only time to experience the Village.

Our trip is scheduled for early August.

Many thanks for your suggestions.

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  1. You might want to consider Wallse - it's in the West Village, has a nice but subtle vibe, and excellent food.

    Here's the link to it's website, so you can see if it might be something that would work for you and your mother:


    1. Jane, Morandi, Deborah, Agave

      1. August would be really nice - they have a very nice garden area in the back and the egg skillet things (not sure what they're called) are so delicious.

        Blue Ribbon Bakery has great food, but there would be a wait on the weekend. Best times to go are (1) before they open (just before 11:30) and get on a short line at the door, and (2) at 3:30pm, after the crowds have cleared, and just before brunch ends. Good variety of eggs and lunch items... any of the poached eggs selections are the items not to miss... and the chocolate bread pudding.

        Wallse is really nice and my husband and I have enjoyed our dinners there very much. I didn't realize they had brunch and am now excited to try it. It's a fancier place but the food will be very delicious... creative Austrian.

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          Wallse is in fact Austrian, not American or French or Latin...

          August is an excellent choice, I really like that part of the W. Village; it is more quiet and peaceful. Maybe a better spot i need someone to help me with...There is a small French bistro, the menu changes daily and they have incredible pastry and coffee. It is smallish inside but have 3-4 tables outside. I think it is on 11th street. Anyone know the name??

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            The bisro on 11th that you are refering to could be Tartine.

            I wouldn't recommend this to the OP witht the 81 year old mom as there's always a wait for a table.

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            A quiet neighborhood secret (not anymore!) in West Village is Primitivo.
            Really nice brunches.

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              Thanks to all for the good suggestions!

          2. Miracle Grill, on Bleecker at 11th, does a really nice Southwestern brunch, and it's in a great location. They do nice brunch cocktails and margaritas too.

            1. Primitivo on 14th and 7th has a very nice brunch which includes a couple of brunch cocktails in the price. If your mother does not drink, this is less of a deal. The menu, however, is pretty versitile.

              My first choice for West Village brunch is North Square (formerly CIII) on Washington Square Park. It is in a small hotel, is well decorated, has a great bread basket, and has a terrific menu (egg dishes, waffles, pumpkin pancakes, crab cakes, fish, salads, sandwiches, etc.). As far as I know, they take reservations. Brunch at either place will not break the bank. Use menupages.com for menus.

              1. I second jinet's Home suggestion and MMRuth's Wallse suggestion.Both are comfy, attractive, quiet enough to talk in,and tasty, without being too much of a stretch in terms of cuisine.

                I like Jane a lot for brunch, but they tend to be loud and tightly packed--more boisterous than maybe your mom would like. Blue Ribbon Bakery is a place where it's hard to loiter over brunch, since you'll feel bad about keeping all the people waiting in line from a table, though the food is very good. North Square has good food, but the decor is somehow a bit too sterile for my comfort.

                If you want to go north just a bit to Chelsea, The Green Table in Chelsea Market is a lovely place to have a well made, slow meal, and people watch. It's small, but one of my favorite brunch places in the city.

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                  North Square is not sterile, perhaps a bit old fashioned, and may be perfect for a birthday celebration for an 81 year old woman.

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                    I would also highly recommend Wallse and August, but also suggest Goblin Market (even though technically it's in Soho). The brunch there is great and the service has been lovely the few times we have been there. It's very cosy and quiet, which might be nice for your particular needs. Good Luck!

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                      Thanks to all.

                      Perhaps I should mention that my mother is a very very youthful 81 and very "with it." We are often mistaken for twins. Picture someone with a bob doing the jitterbug and that's my mother. :<))

                      I'll just mention again that we need a place that takes reservations.

                      Thanks again!