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Jun 15, 2007 03:45 PM

Driving from So Fla to Raleigh - need recs in GA, SC, NC near I-95

My wife and I are driving up to Raleigh next week and could use some good places to stop along the way in GA, SC, and NC as well as good places around Raleigh. We like all kinds of good food so any suggestions are welcome. We don't get much for good barbecue here in So Florida so some 'Q suggestions are always welcome.

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  1. I'll be glad to help you with the Raleigh restaurants... what type of cuisine and price range?

    Smithfield is the town where you will get off off I-95 and onto I-40. Smithfield has an awesomely mouthwatering hole-in-the-wall BBQ: White Swan (3198 US Hwy 301 S; Smithfield, NC 27577; Phone: (919) 934-8913). It is worth getting off the interstate and meandering into backwoods Johnston County.

    In Raleigh, you'll like Cooper's Barbecue; Knightdale Seafood and BBQ; Ole Time Barbecue; and the ever-consistent regional chain: Smithfield's Chicken 'N Bar-B-Q. All the Raleigh-area BBQ restaurants' info/directions/ phone #'s can be found at:

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      Thanks Tehama. We like all types of cuisine and love different ethnic places. We're looking for good local places mostly under $40. Definitely have to make the detour to Smithfield...White Swan sounds like my kind of place.

    2. When I used to do that drive I'd plan a stop at exit 1 in GA for some fried catfish at St. Mary's Seafood House. It's about 5 minutes off the beaten path if I remember correctly. We found it years ago when I was traveling with my folks and my Dad asked a local sailor where the best eat's were. We've all been going ever since. Great fried catfish, oysters and gator tail.

      St. Marys Seafood & Steakhouse
      1837 Osborne Road


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        Thank you creative! On the map it looks a little further than 5 minutes but it sounds like a great place to stop. Looks like this is dinner on our first day out.

      2. Try Maurices BBQ I-95 exit 98 in Santee, SC. South Carolina style mustard based pork BBQ.

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          Stopped at Maurice's about a year ago, the food was good but the place can be a bit much with the political overtones. Be prepared.

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            I wouldn't stop at Maurice's but that's because the bbq is mediocre regardless of the in-your-face agenda. Tons of threads on bbq along I-95 that I'd consider first:


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              I've had Maurice's 'Q before in W. Cola many times. Not bad. I like E. NC style the best but what in the world is this in your face agenda you all are talking about at Maurice's place in Santee. My Mom and Dad used to live in Santee and I used to love going to see them in Santee and playing a little golf. But at that time Maurice did not have a place in Santee. If we went out we would go to Clark's. But you must remember this was in the '80s.

          2. My husband and I recently made that journey a few weeks ago. In Brunswick, GA near a hotel where we stayed was a mexican resaurant called La Fuente. The food tasted very fresh and the salsa was homemade. We enjoyed it very much. I wish I could remember the name of the road where it was. Good Luck.

            1. Hi again, I just googled the restaurant and found La Fuente De Pablo off of I-95 at exit 38 in Brunswick, GA. If you are in the mood for mexican, this is the place.