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Jun 15, 2007 03:39 PM

Morton's in Burbank

you know I have always loved Morton's , Downtown Los Angeles (RC is the best Bar man ever) fantastic service and superior food. the same for the Beverly Hills location. I have been to the Morton's in Burbank a dozen times and the last time I went there the service was ATROCIOUS!!! The blond bimbo waitress was rude (sorry I am just venting....she should have stayed at home) dropped the plate in front of my guest and spilled some juice off the plate on me as well. Then when I asked for parking validation, in a harsh tone she said "We don't validate" turned her head and walked away(as a matter of fact they do).

I can't believe it... I love Morton's and now I am totally at a loss our bills are usually 350-400 (food and wine for 4pp). Service is definitely going down in LA!

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  1. I think this calls for a letter of complaint to the Manager of the restaurant. As far as food goes any restaurant can have an off night (shouldn't, especially if top flight, but can). There is never and I repeat NEVER an excuse for bad or rude service. You should have complained right then and there but I have in the past written letters and have gotten positive results. Last Christmas we did a special dinner for a group I am a member of and we had atrocious food and horrible service at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse un Woodland Hills. It was the second Christmas dinner we had done there and the person who put the dinner together wrote a scathing letter which resulted in her and her husband being given a complimenary dinner and a refund of $1100 to our group for the insult.

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      I will put a call into them today! I guess I am more "hurt" than anything since I have been a long time customer of their brand. I do have to agree with you though, there really is no excuse for bad service. ((aren't all these servers actors/actresses anyway?? can't they act like a "Waiter" or "Waitress" while they are at work LOL

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        they would have to be "good" actors and actresses in order to act like "real" waiters and waitresses.

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          I went to the Morton's in Burbank with a friend this past March. We ordered a ribeye and cowboy ribeye medium rare and both came out tasting charred. Is that just how they make it in Chicago? I was thinking maybe the Downtown LA one would have been better.