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Tortilla Warmer - where to buy? (Pasadena area)

Anyone have ANY idea where I can find a tortilla warmer? Not the iron skillet thing to heat them up, but a container to keep them warm (after they are heated). I want an alternative to wrapping them in a dishcloth to keep the heat in.....

Pasadena area preferred.

Do I start searching the local Mexican markets??? (If so, anyone know any local ones that you know carry them?)


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  1. Yes, Mexican Markets.


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      1. I think you can even find these at the Ralphs on Lake.
        They definitely have them at the Farm Fresh Ranch Market on Orange Grove & Los Robles.
        The best ones are the styrofoam ones.

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          Farm Fresh Ranch Market just got some new tortilla warmers called La Tortilla Oven. We bought one over the weekend and love it! It's a fabric tortilla warmer that actually keeps tortillas warm for over an hour. We bought it because everything else doesn't work very well. However, this thing is pretty amazing and it does keep tortillas warm for oer an hour. The have a website called www.latortillavoven.com. But you can buy it cheaper at Ranch Market. Cost $6.99. My two cents. :)

        2. I don't live in Pas, but if there's a Top Valu, Food 4 Less, or 99 cent store nearby, they all carry tortilla warmers...a cheap plastic one will do, just wrap them in a cloth napkin inside.

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            yes, any of the dollar stores in the Hipsanic neighborhood stripmalls.

          2. Cost Plus has these in their cookware section. Look on the bottom shelf.

            1. If you want a fancier one (which clearly isn't necessary), Sur La Table has a nice handmade pottery version in their stores right now.

              1. They carry them at Bed, Bath & Beyond as well, and you can usually find a $5 off coupon somewhere.

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                  I love Bed, Bath & Beyond. Lots of kitchen gagets. Coupons are sent out on a regular basis. They even honor their expired coupons.

                2. Report:

                  Well, seems like tortilla warmers are a hot commodity these days because it took me THREE tries to finally find one (all were sold out!)

                  First stop: Kings Ranch Monrovia
                  Second stop: Farm Fresh Pasadena (Orange Grove/Los Robles)

                  Finally - success at the third stop - Linda Rosa Market - Pasadena (Allen/Villa). The NICEST lady works there - and there was YUMMY looking queso fresco and marinated meats as well!... $1.29 for a large styrofoam tortilla warmer -- the last one too! She told me people have been buying them by the case and then decorate them for parties, etc...

                  Can't wait to go back and support this local business!

                  Thanks for all your feedback!

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                    this place is my go-to carne asada store. it's simply the best and most tender i've ever had.
                    sorry, i didn't think to recommend it for the tortilla warmer, though!

                    1. re: ozzygee

                      now I'm even MORE excited about this spot! Have you tried their queso fresco and/or other items?

                      1. re: The Oracle

                        no, i've only had the carne asada and the marinated chicken.
                        if you do try it, let us know how you like it.

                  2. The have them at 99 cents only stores.