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Jun 15, 2007 02:56 PM

Peninsula / South Bay GREAT special occassion restaurant?

It's our anniversary and we'd like to go out to dinner to a fabulous place on the Peninsula or South Bay. It doesn't have to be super pricey but something with excellent food and a nice atmosphere (ouside seating is always a plus since the weather is no nice now).

We were thinking of going to Bistro Elan on CA ave. in Palo Alto, St. Michael's Alley in downtown Palo Alto or Flea Street Cafe in Menlo park but they're all closed on our anniversary (Monday). We heard Village Pub in Woodside and Marche in Menlo Park are supposed to be really good and nice but they seem way too pricey (close to $40 for some entrees!). We'd appreciate any input / advice you may have. Thanks!

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    1. Village Pub isn't as pricey as Marche; I think their menu is online. Cafe Brioche in Mayfield (aka South Palo Alto) is also worth checking out.

      1. I really enjoy food, wine list, and atmosphere of Bistro Elan over the other 2 places you mentioned.

        1. I like Mandaloun in downtown Redwood City. You could also start or end your evening at the Savvy Cellar Wine Bar across the street.

          1. Just went to Tamarine last night on University in PA. The food was innovative and the waitstaff was suprisingly accomodating and informed. The hostesses, however, were total idiots.

            Decor was stylish, and the meal was paced well. The Citrus Brined Pork was really interesting. And the Honey Roasted Quail was divine. The Crab noodles were good, but the meat was slightly dry.

            Just wrote a review: