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Jun 15, 2007 02:55 PM

Jade on 36, Laris, New Heights or? Which is best in Shanghai?

Hi Everyone!

I will be in Shanghai to celebrate a very special birthday. Please help me with the restaurant reservation -- Great food and great atmosphere. There will be eight adults and 5 children.


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  1. I haven't been to any of them, but neither have I heard or read anything that provided evidence that any of them could be called "best in Shanghai." If I had gobs of money to spend on an event, my first thought would probably be Whampoa Club, which at least serves Chinese food. It's not a stretch to consider that Chinese food is what Shanghai does best, and therefore serving Chinese food is a necessary condition for being considered "Best in Shanghai."

    Rant aside, if you are thinking best Western food, I'll say that I've heard way more postive things about J36 than the other two.

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      I've been to both Laris and Jean Georges (which many consider the best..) and was definitely a lot happier with Laris. Jean George was a dissapointment to me however because I've been to the one in NYC. You just can't compare...

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        Be aware that "market price" for a fish at Whampoa Club can run you 1500RMB. It's good food, but maybe avoid the fish.

        For Western Food, maybe check out T8 in Xintiandi, also.

        Also, Fook Lam Moon in the Pudong Shangri La serves amazing, if expensive Cantonese dim sum. Maybe their other Cantonese food is equally good?

      2. Of the ones mentioned, I'd say Jade on 36 is the best. I must say, I do enjoy Jean Georges - it may not quite stand up to the JG in New York, but it's still a good meal here in Shanghai.

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          Thank you very much for everyone's opinion! Is Jade on 36 or Laris children friendly?

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            Hello keithlca!
            Jade on 36 (Have a look at doesn't allow children under 6. Anyway I would not recommend to go there with a child as the food is not easy for them. It's truly a culinary experience that I will personnaly never forget! The other restaurants at the Shangri-La are amazing too! I tried their seafood brunch buffet and had to take a 3 hours nap right after!

        2. Keith,

          As others have mentioned, I wouldn't recommend any of those places for children. If I had to choose one, it would probably be New Heights - not because it is the "best" but because it has food that would be considered "children friendly". Unless the kids have extremely mature palates, Laris, JG & Jade on 36 wouldn't be practical.

          Now, if price is no object, then you might want to consider the Cupola - - you can mix & match food from any of the restaurants in 3 on the bund, and they have 2 private rooms - one for 2 people and another that they say can hold up to 8 (13 might be a bit too many, but maybe you could rent out both rooms and put the kids in one and the adults in another)....

          Another suggestion would be 881 South Beauty - - they have 19 VIP rooms, so you could easily book one room that could hold everyone. And with a mix of Sichuan, Cantonese, and Western foods, there should be something for everyone on the menu.

          Alternatively, and definitely a step or 2 down in atmosphere (and a step down in food and price as well) would be Mesa on Julu Lu.

          While it's not on the Bund, and does not have a riverfront view, it is definitely kid friendly - probably one of the most kid-friendly restaurants in the city (there is even a small play area for the children). The food is considered more "comfort" food than gourmet, but the quality is excellent. And the atmosphere is also lively, since the place is usually pretty full.

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          1. re: shanghaieats

            Thanks, Everyone! We were lucky to get a private room at Laris. All the adults had the tasting menu and it was good.

            We will definitely try other suggestions when we visit Shanghai, again.

          2. I truly don't rate any of them. You're much better off at Yin or, surprisingly, Finestre.