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Jun 15, 2007 02:29 PM

Little Brother's vs. Brother's Sushi Debate

Okay, I've tried Little Brother's sushi twice now, and I must say that I like it much better than their larger counterpart, Brother's Sushi. There is generally less of a wait at Little Brother's. The sushi and dishes are more carefully and artfully prepared. Service is great. Both restaurants have the same quality of food, so it's not like one tastes better than the other, although Little Brother's has better presentation with its food. The menu is identical, except that Brother's Sushi has a few more dinner combos and items than Little Brother's. The restaurant itself is smaller but has much nicer decor.

Little Brother's is located about 2 blocks from Brother's Sushi on Ventura Blvd. by Topanga Canyon. Also, for those of you complaining that Brother's has a "fishy" smell (which doesn't bother me), Little Brother's doesn't have that!

Anyone else been to both? What do you think?

My vote goes to Little Brother's. Brother's will be seeing me no more.

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  1. I just went to Brother's for the first time last weekend and we really enjoyed ourselves, I definately want to try Little Brothers. Is it east or west of Brothers?

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      It's about two blocks west, right by the 101 Exit of Topanga Canyon Blvd. in a small strip mall.

      1. re: CarlieInLA

        I think they both rank in the 4-5 range on a scale of 10! I know about the fishy smell you are talking about!! It is due to partial freezing and old fish!

        Try Matsuda in Studio City or if you have some cashola try Asanebo you will love them both. Sushi served by Japaneses chefs and owners... not by Mexican cooks and Koreans(now don't anyone get offended I am just pointing out a fact)

      2. I've been to both Brother's and Little Brother's Sushi. I like Little Brother's much better. The resturant's food is great and so is the service.