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Jun 15, 2007 02:19 PM

Long Beach Island, NJ?

Can anyone recommend good food on Long Beach Island, New Jersey? Our hotel (yes, its called "Daddy O's") is in Brant Beach. Dives or expensive, no matter. Thank you!

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  1. My suggestion would be The Plantation in Harvey Cedars on Long Beach Blvd., about 15 minutes north of where you're staying. Here's a link:

    I believe there's also a restaurant at Daddy O's, although I don't know much about it.

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    1. re: MartiniQueen

      I LOVE Plantation!! The food is superb. That is probably the only restaurant I really know of in LBI. We wnet twice this year and each time was great!

      Someone did recommend to me on this board, Bisque. It is a BYOB, the menu looks rather good, but I have never been.

      Have fun!

      1. re: MartiniQueen

        Did Plantation on Labor Day Sunday for early dinner at 6:15. Just drinks, salads, and entrees. Major impression from ambience and the entrees was "noise". We were about as far from the bar as we could get and still the din was distracting. Maybe we're just not used to a "bar scene", but it wasn't an enjoyable dining experience.

        Drinks - Pomegranate Cosmo and a Caiparinea, the former fine, the latter way to hot with Cachesa and not enough lime (slices, not muddled) or sugar. The Caiparineas I had in Brazil were easy to drink. This wasn't.

        Simple salads, particularly the wedge of iceberg with blue cheese - along with the sourdough and rosemary olive oil - were the highlights of the meal.

        But the entrees - back to NOISE! Too much going on.

        The wasabi encrusted sea bass had some sort of crust on it, but neither of us could identify wasabi. And the melange of stuff and sauce that is was sitting on totally overpowered what is usually our favorite fish. It's too delicate a fish for what Plantation did to it.

        The block of tuna, ordered rare, came strangely rare on one half and almost medium well on the other, and again was almost wrecked by the accompanying bed of stuff and sauce, although the miso-based sauce was a somewhat better match to the sturdier tuna.

        All in all, a disappointment.

        1. re: fpatrick

          I've never been a fan of Plantation, and don't know why so many people are. Also not crazy about their sister restaurant, Daddy-O. Lots of attitude and noise and not much else. Although I have to say that their lobster bisque is excellent.

      2. make sure to have lunch or breakfast at Bill's diner in Barnegat Light!

        1. I like The Chicken and The Egg for breakfast/brunch. It is far from fancy, or haute cuisine, but it is good filling comfort food and a lot of it.

          Also, it is conveniently located near the amusements.

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          1. re: seal

            We really like The Chicken and The Egg. Just went there two weekends ago. The husband likes the omelet with roasted garlic, mushrooms and swiss. Pancakes are excellent as are the buttermilk biscuits which they grill for a few seconds before serving. I've never been for lunch, but there is a lot of stuff on the menu I'd love to try.

            1. re: SarahEats

              p.s. the locals call it "The Cheg."

          2. The same people that own Daddy O own Plantation. Menu is different, and Daddy O likes to think they have a scene going on. There is a restaurant in the hotel and they are supposed to have an outside bar this summer. The Gables in Beach Haven is lovely, but expensive, reservations required. Probably the best restaurant on the island. I haven't tried Bisque, but have heard it is excellent. Blue in Surf City; very good, a bit pricy, small portions.
            Harvey Cedars Shellfish for casual, great seafood (BYOB). More of a locals place is Kubels in Barnegat Light. Medium price, casual hang out.
            Raimundos in Ship Bottom: very good Italian, reservations a must.
            The Dutchman for great beer selection and view; food is terrible, with the exception of the onion soup and the cheesesteak! My sister loves Buckalews in Beach Haven for the great bar and sandwiches. Chicken or the Egg for breakfast. I know I'm missing a bunch more, but there is a few to start.

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              Blue: So noisy you can't hear the waiter recite the specials. Best to go alone as far as the noise is concerned. As far as the food is concerned it's hit or miss, mostly miss. Disparate flavors thrown together randomly. Side dish of mashed potatoes with lobster ($10) more like a soup than anything else and even then not very good--like instant mashed potatoes made with doubled the water and lobster chunks that were rubbery. I got the feeling that the intention was to make the menu interesting and intimidating. But the food is definitely not worth the money.

            2. Howards in Beach Haven Terrace is always excellent for dinner. Nothing super fancy but always fresh seafood and homemade desserts. Killer crabcakes!

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                BEST BEST BEST!!!! French Fried Lobster tails at Howards!!!! Don't miss it! But you have to go early!