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Jun 15, 2007 02:02 PM

Sopapillas in Portland/Vancouver area?

Just wondering if there are any Mexican restaurants that serve the sopapillas that you can drizzle with honey near Vancouver/Portland? Thanks!

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  1. I haven't had any that were especially good, but I do know that these places have them: Trebol, Adobe Rose, Encanto, Juan Colorado's, Iron Horse, and Burrito House. I'm sure others do as well. Again, though, I haven't had any ones I would truly consider good. I haven't tried Encanto or Iron Horse.


    1. I have had the ones in Encanto complete wit hthe honey butter and they are to die for! You don't even need a meal although the food there is pretty dang good too!

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        Mmmm, thanks for the tip! Any idea if they have a website? Couldn't find one online, I did leave a message for them asking for them to fax me the menu.

        1. re: dinami

          Not yet. But here is the link the review in WWeek. They also have good mixed drinks - the diablo margarita and I know they recently opened a patio in the back. Its true New Mexican food for sure. For me the sopapillas as I said are a meal in themselves.