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Jun 15, 2007 01:48 PM


I have been buying scapes at the local farm market and they are divine! But I need more ideas for using them! So far I've tossed some finely chopped scapes into salads, topped celery and cream cheese, sauteed them with veggies, and tonight i'm throwing them into a carrot and honey glaze side dish.

Other recipes?

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    1. Not a recipe, but a suggestion.....I chop them up and put in baggies and freeze...use them later in soup, stews or stir fry. Love 'em

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        I did that last year (think I read about it here). No blanching, just freezing. Worked well. Must say I prefer them cooked.

      2. Please define "Scapes!!!" for the one of us (that'd be me) who don't know what you mean. :-)

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          From this Chowdigest article with a link to Home Cooking ideas

          "Garlic scapes are the green shoots that grow from developing bulbs of certain strains of garlic."

          Here's a link with a picture.

          It also has recipes for ...
          - Garlic Scape Frittata
          - Garlic Scape Pesto
          - Mixed Vegetable Sauté with Asheray Vinaigrette

          A few more ideas

          Some great photos recipes and ideas here that include
          - Garlic Scape Tortilla
          - Mashed Potatoes with Garlic Scapes
          - Chicken With Garlic Scapes & Capers

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            Aha! So the garlic flower stalks are called scapes. Bless you, rw, for clarifying. I love that I learn so much here with the help of chowsers like you. :-)

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              Mmmmm....delicious meal last night. I marinated chicken legs in organge juice and chopped scapes and then roasted them.

              I served it with curry ginger brown rice and baby farm carrots sliced and sauteed with honey olive oil and red russian kale.

              Delicious!!! And so pretty on the plate. (Don't you just love it when your food looks nice on the plate?)

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                The garlic scapes will develop clusters of bulbils if not removed. Technically, hard neck garlic does not produce flowers. Scapes need to be removed so the plant will put its full energy into the bulbs.

                Scapes have a much milder garlic flavor than dried garlic. My wife used the recipe for garlic pesto from maryjanesfarm today using scapes and basil from our garden. Delicious.

            2. I bought some at the farmer's market on Saturday. I'm going to cut up some and put them in a stir fry (I have sirloin flap meat and will probably include some sugar snap peas (also bought at the farmer's market) and make the sauce out of a combo of black bean and soy sauces.

              I'm glad that you posted this because now I know to freeze what I don't use.

              1. I made a cooked salsa with some of my scapes...chopped in a food processor with cilantro and a couple habanero peppers (optional), fried a 1/4" layer of that chopped paste in olive oil before adding quartered tomatillos, salt, and some water to simmer. Toasted some dried chiles* and threw those in too...simmered until the raw taste was gone (1/2 hour) and blended. Add more cilantro, and lime (optional)

                *puya...or pasilla, or arbol, or . . .

                I made a ton of pesto (garlic scapes chopped up with cilantro, olive oil, and a tiny bit of habanero and dried chili flakes) and just grilled the rest and chopped them up with olive oil until I can figure out what to do with them. But at least that enormous bag of scapes is out of my fridge now!