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Jun 15, 2007 01:37 PM

make your own vietnamese fresh rolls, chinatown

anyone know somewhere in chinatown that offers this? where they bring you the wrapper and all the fixings- basil, vermicelli, etc and you roll your own? thanks!

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  1. In chinatown, not sure...I know Anh Hong in dorchester does.

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      1. I think most sit-down Vietnamese places in Chinatown e.g. Pho Hoa, Xinh Xinh, Pho Vietnam, Pasteur, Pho Pasteur, Pho Thien Thien serve certain dishes where rolls are made at the table -- typically this would be a grilled item of some sort (e.g. sugar prawns or grilled meat). I happen to like Pho Hoa for some of those items, yet to venture beyond the noodles, rice plates and beef stew at most of the other places.

        1. I can't think of many Vietnamese restaurants I've been to lately that don't offer banh hoi (roll-your-own fresh rolls). They are certainly available at Le's, Xinh Xinh (my favorite Viet, and it's in Chinatown), Pho and I, and Pho Lemongrass (where they call them "steamed vermicelli patties" or some such).

          My technique still isn't perfect; I occasionally roll one of those pregnant-guppy amateur-cigarette-roller numbers, but I'm getting better. I ran into an odd serving style recently in Ottawa, where pre-softened wrappers were served in layers of plastic collander-like screens, which I didn't like (I ruined a couple). I find it much easier to soften them in hot water at the table myself.

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            i'll go for xinh xinh if its a favorite- will i spot it on the menu, or do you know the name for it?

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              IIRC, it's called banh hoi on Xinh Xinh's menu.

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                i think that's right.....i had the shrimp paste on sugarcane version for lunch last saturday and it was excellent.

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                There are a couple of different versions of "make your own" rolls. At Pho 2000 it's called "bo nhung dam" which is basically hot pot in which you cook your beef in a vinegar type water and then roll it in the rice paper with veggies and vermicelli. there is another version at Pho 2000 in which the beef is marinated in garlic and then grilled in a ton of this sweet butter (I didn't care for the flavors of this dish but it's one of the 7 courses of beef at Pho 2000.).

                There is also "banh hoi" at Le's in which you roll grilled beef (they grill it for you), diamond shaped vermicelli and veggies in rice paper. There is also a dish called "bo nuong vi" which I haven't seen in any boston area vietnamese restaurants. For this dish, you grill the beef with lemongrass then roll it in rice paper with vermicelli and veggies. The "bo nuong vi" and "banh hoi" are basically the same but I like the flavors of the beef in the "bo nuong vi" better. We used to go to Pho Bang in NYC for "bo nuong vi" all the time. It was the best!

            2. Most of the restaurants which serve this lets you soak your own wrapper (which I prefer). Dong Khang however serves it pre-softened.

              This can be quite a fun and yummy dish. Hope you enjoy it!