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Jun 15, 2007 01:18 PM

A&J's Bakery (Dallas)


Has anyone been to A&J's Bakery in Dallas? It's off of Oak Lawn Avenue. I hear there is a location in Plano, as well. I'm curious because I've never been to this bakery.

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  1. I've only ever had their canoli-- pretty good.

    From what I recall, they also have a selection of "special" cakes for bachelor/bachelorette parties (not on display).

    1. I absolutely love A&J!! They have the best white cake with white butter cream frosting ever! It's moist and delicious. Definitely not the fancy artistic type bakery cakes but they are so tasty and reasonably priced. The cinnamon rolls are good too because they use the same frosting.

      1. I've had numerous cakes made by them, including my wedding cake. All of them were very good. I would agree with the post about them not being too fancy though.

        1. Wonderful Bakery. We always buy cakes for any occassion from A&J.

          1. We buy all our B-day cakes there. The Mrs. has tried them all and swears by AJ. I like them also, it taste like a really quality cake, not a piece of art.