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Trader Joe's Frozen Edamame

Is this still a product in stores, and are they good steamed (or microwaved) with a smattering of kosher salt? Had Japanese food for lunch today at a restaurant and realized that I could really be eating edamame at home, for very low cost...


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  1. Far as I know they still sell edamame - large bag frozen. I think you're supposed to boil them. I'd think microwave would not be best. Kosher salt is good on them though my BH likes them plain.

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      The bag says to boil them for 5 minutes, but I don't know why you couldn't do that in the microwave also.

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        I find that microwaving tends to break down structure in things and boiling is more gentle.. It's certainly worth a try, but I'd be concerned the shells would be rather limp.

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          I always make these in the microwave, then toss with a little seasoned vinegar and salt. Never a problem.

      2. Trader Joe's has a new product..it's cooked frozen edamame I guess u'd call it...u let it thaw for a few minutes and you peel open the pods and eat the beans inside like popcorn..it is lightly salted. It's pretty addictive

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          The "soycatash" (frozen 1 lb bags at TJ's) is edamame and corn and you can nuke that or stir fry in a pan quickly and those edamame taste great.

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            Love this product...make it all the time instead of potatoes and it tastes great plus it is so nutritious!

        2. I like to blanch!! I like to have a bit of firmness to my edamame. I boil in salted water for 3-4 minutes then in cold water for 1 min.! Lemon and sea salt!!

          1. You'll find frozen edamame at Costco and at Asian grocery stores as well. I prefer the Costco to TJs.

            I cover them with water and microwave for about 3 minutes. You could do it a bit less if you like them a bit firmer. Too much more and they'll get limp.

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              Yep, my wife picked up "Peggy's Premium" frozen edamame at Costco. A few minutes in the nuker, and they're ready to go: I don't even add water, just poke a few holes in the plastic. Add a little garlic salt, and they're fantastic!

            2. I love their edamame. I boil in salted water. Do you shell first? I'd think microwaving would make the shells super tough.

              1. I was informed yesterday, that TJ's is no longer carrying frozen edamame. The explanation was that "the former supplier was China, and we are looking for a new supplier"

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                  Our TJs said that they had found another supplier through Thailand, and they would be reintroducing it soon. Or so the grapevine there said..

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                    i fully support this. will go back to TJ's and look at their stuff again.
                    THANK YOU for telling me!

                  2. they're great steamed or microwaved (though I prefer steamed). Depending on where you live, you might be able to find edamame in a more mainstream grocery store. Our Giant stocks frozen edamame.

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                      I get mine at The Fresh Market.

                    2. I usually steam the shelled variety in the microwave, although the last batch of frozen in-shell that I boiled--albeit briefly--turned out quite mushy. I'll probably microwave those next time, too.

                      I buy frozen edamame at our Kroger--their brand with the other frozen veggies, organic in the natural foods section.

                      1. Yes, as others have posted, there seems to be a lack of frozen endamame at TJ's, at least the one in NYC (Union Square). Hasn't been any the last few times I've been there.

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                          They haven't had it at the Marlton, NJ store for a while either...I used to buy bags and bags of it.

                        2. I just bought the frozen in the shells edmame from the TJs in Jenkintown. Directions said to defrost in the microwave for 2 minute so I did 2 minutes on power level #2 and some were cold but I nuked them another minute and they all tasted great. Some of the shells are a little tough but still edible! I also like the steam in the bag from Giant Foodstores. Just can't reheat those.

                          1. since i'm not a big fan of buying food that originated in China, i buy the frozen edamame that Whole Foods sells that is grown in washington by COLUMBIA RIVER ORGANICS.

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                              In Tokyo we can buy fresh edamame from Taiwan. It is really excellent, and costs less than half of what domestic varieties go for. Food from Taiwan is quite different from that of mainland China.

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                                most of the time, in southern california, it seems like it's imported from CHINA not taiwan.

                                so, to sidestep this, i buy the US version.

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                                  Chances are if you are buying fresh edamame, you have little to worry about. It is really so much better than frozen.

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                                    i need the convenience of frozen.
                                    edamame is something that i need to have available for impulse eating 24/7.
                                    frozen works much better for this purpose.