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unpretentious good eats in a garden type setting

Any recommendations for good low key, great food eats in perhaps a garden room (downtown--preferably)?? Thanks so-o- much.

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  1. August - check the menu. It varies, and I don't always find the gamey options appealing. The back garden is great, though. Excellent brunch, too.

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      crispo on 14th street is really good food and a good atmosphere. has a nice garden area in the back, although im not positive you can guarantee that when you make your reservation. worth a try though.

      also i havent been in a long time but i remember the restaurant gnocco having a nice garden area. and food was good and not expensive. think it may be cash only.

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        It's been a few years since I visited Gnocco, but it was nice in the garden on an Easter Day!

    2. Mermaid Inn has a nice garden, but you may have to wait!

      1. I Coppi has a garden. Italian. Good food.

        That tapas place, 1492? on Clinton has a nice garden.. Haven't been there in a long time so can't comment on food. It seemed a little pricey the last time I was there.

        1. Cafe Asean is real tasty and it has a lovely garden in the back.

            1. I'm partial to the food and the ambiance at Gascogne, on 8th Avenue at 18th Street. beautiful garden in the back.

              1. I agree w/August, Crispo, and Mermaid Inn. Cacio e Pepe and Barbone are also good.

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                  Crispo was my first thought too.
                  In the theater district try Le Madeleine or Marseille.

                2. Le Jardin Bistro in that area just east of Soho has straightfoward and very good food in a gorgeous garden.