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Jun 15, 2007 12:18 PM


Got a gift certificate to Piancone's in Bradley. Does anyone know how this place is or what to order there?

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  1. I love Piancone's...the food is excellent! You can order just about anything and not be disappointed...even the standbys like eggplant parm. A few months ago I had their special of the day...braised short ribs with a hint of barbecue flavor and served with roasted fingerling potatoes and whole roasted carrots (with the tops still on) was nothing short of amazing.

    They have a nice selection of wines, and the bartender makes an excellent martini. :)

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    1. re: MartiniQueen

      I just noticed that the former Piancone's South is vacant. I wonder if the liquor license is available. Anyone know?

    2. The Coaster, a local paper in the Asbury/Bradley area, reported this week that Piancone's is being sold. You might want to use that gift certificate soon......

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      1. re: OGguy

        Will do. too bad I just got it. I would have told the person to get it at another restaurnat. my luck.

        1. re: OGguy

          No details of the sale yet. The article notes that they should be made public this week. Here is a link to the article online.