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Jun 15, 2007 11:37 AM

PDX: eats E-Z off 205?

Friend of mine will be driving from Ashland to Seattle, passing hereabouts on Sunday, in a large truck. She doesn't want to deal with the downtown Portland freeway spaghetti, but would like to meet up for a bite to eat. What places are there -- probably ethnic, I would assume -- easilyl accessible off I-205 between, say, Oregon City and where it rejoins I-5 north of Vancouver where she could nip off the freeway and we could meet easily for a good bite? Remember, *Sunday*. . . .Thanks!

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  1. Gustav's for great german food and beer. Everything is solid, with the duck being a standout in my mind. Informal place, but a personal fave.

    Not sure if Country Cat in Montevilla is open Sunday, but if so, it would be a little more serious food.

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      I thought about Country Cat, but it is closed until 5 pm on Sunday. Is Taqueria de Leon (or whatever it is called) open on Sunday, and do they "serve" food, and is there somewhere to eat it there? I'd call and ask, but despair of finding a common language. . .

    2. Pho Van - Just north of Division on 82nd

      1. Pho Van or Gustav's would both be agreat choices. Gustav's is openthen, but if you lean toward Pho Van, which is excellent, you should call to be sure they're open on Sun.

        1. Mostly Asian on or just off 82nd: Pho Van, Pho Oregon, Banh Cuon Tan Dinh, Bun Bo Hue, Wong's King, Malay Satay Hut.

          Also Flying Pie and Ya Hala.

          de Leon is too far off the interstate.