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Jun 15, 2007 11:33 AM

Zyng Asian Grill - Yonge & Bloor

The stir-fried soba with veggies was terrible! Bland, tasteless, bloody awful. There were 2 groups of Asians eating when I came in, so I thought it was safe. I guess they were just hungry tourists.
And the server was just standing in her corner staring at my back. I don't like that. Like salespeople standing 2 feet from you while you browse. I guess she's still new.

It was nice looking out the window though while eating.

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  1. Food is mediocre. Not sure why this place has stayed as long as it has. There is a Korean place across the street that I prefer over Spring Rolls. Sorry, I cannot remember the name of it.

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    1. re: Zengarden

      Oja perhaps?

      They have great kimchi and an extensive menu for 40% less than spring rolls. I heartily reccomend

      1. re: newmexicotransplant

        Yes, it's Oja. It's never as busy as one would expect. Food is good and delicious.

      2. re: Zengarden


        this place has amazing noodles. the food is SO, SO much better than Spring rolls. they serves korean, chinese, japanese and thai cuisine there i believe. the service is very good. the place is very clean and bright. i recc the Udon noodles there - they are fresh, thick, and chewy.
        it's a great restaurant and i wish more ppl would go there instead of Spring rolls.

      3. I had a bad experience at the Yonge/Charles location when it was a bad noodleshop several years ago, but decided to give it another chance when my wife and I wanted something new and quick.

        Even not expecting much, it was a big mistake. The server barely spoke english and had extreme difficulty completing the order. I ordered the Vietnamese noodle soup and it was completely unlike anything I've ever eaten in a Vietnamese restaurant or even a fast-food fusion place. Everything was hastily thrown together and the on-display kitchen wasn't afraid to show it. Add to that a staff full of kids suffering from indifferent/surly-asian-student-server-syndrome and you have a pretty bad place. I was really surprised at the degree of bad service and attitude. They just seemed like kids punching a clock and not caring about much else except gossiping among themselves. Usually you only see this kind of overall badness in bubble-tea shops that also serve food further North of the city.

        We should have gone to Ginger across the street, Oja or even GO or Spring Rolls.
        I must agree, I have no idea how this place stays in business.

        1. It is pretty mediocre. As others have said, there is a lot of competition around there, but the decor in Zyng is moderately more upscale than some of them, and it isn't bad enough food that people will avoid it if the other better ones are packed to the rafters.. So it serves a niche in the area, I really wonder if it would survive isolated someplace where there were no other "cheap" Asian food places around.

          1. I disliked Zyng when I tried it out West. Overpriced, and boring. Guess I won't be giving it a 2nd chance out here either; would definitely go with Green Mango or even Spring Rolls over it.