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Jun 15, 2007 10:48 AM

Sports bar in Tribeca w/ good eats?

Can anyone recommend a good place in Tribeca for watching the Yankees and enjoying a decent meal? I'm not looking for anything fancy. Bar food is fine; inedible bar food is not. Thanks!

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  1. The obvious choice is that huge place on W.Bway/Worth St. by New York Law School, I forget the name. Buster's Garage or Devil's Canteen or something like that.

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    1. re: nokitsch

      both busters and devil were closed either earlier this year or late last..

    2. The only sports bar I really know of in Tribeca is the Sporting Club. Is it still open? The food was nothing to write home about.

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      1. re: lisette

        Never mind -- Sporting Club closed.

      2. North Moore, at N. Moore and Hudson, has good food and shows games, but the TVs aren't much. The Tribeca Tavern at, I think, White and W. Broadway is a nice place that shows games and has decent food. And there's a sports bar on Reade just off Hudson that is always filled with locals watching games and eating burgers.

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