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Jun 15, 2007 10:29 AM

Best Thin Pancakes in Los Angeles

Pie n' Burger initially got me hooked on thin pancakes until I tried the 49'er Flap Jacks at Original Pancake House in Anaheim which completely trumped my experience at PNB (which is unfortunate for me as I live in Pasadena).

Any recommendations?

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  1. The sourdough pancakes at Campanile are quite thin, and very good.

    Clare K.

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    1. re: Clare K

      Thanks for the suggestion, I'll try Campanile.

      And I'm also trying to find THE recipe for the 49'er Flap Jacks at OPH. No luck yet, though I have found some flap jack recipes on the net.

      Here's the closest I've found:

      49'er Pancakes

      1/2 C Sourdough culture
      1 T Sugar
      2 C Flour
      1 T Oil
      1 C Milk
      1 T Baking powder
      2 Eggs
      1/2 T salt
      Maple syrup

      Stir up everything but the syrup & butter. Can cook on greased inverted lid of the oven.

      1. re: Clare K

        Those are my FAVORITE! I order a side of sausage to make my own pancake sausage wraps... heh... :)


      2. 49'ers are my normal order at OPH in any town.

        I make Swedish pancakes and crepes at home, but the texture of the 49'ers is unique - a bit chewier. I'd love to learn the recipe.


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        1. Try the flannel cakes at Musso's - somewhere between a pancake and a crepe - drowned in melted butter with syrup

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          1. re: tdo ca

            Yeah, the only problem is that they don't open until 11 am (or something like that) and are closed on Sunday.

            1. re: tdo ca

              I went to Musso & Frank for lunch and had the flannelcakes. They were good. If thin pancakes are what one wants, I can't imagine one will find thinner than Musso's. They're essentially regular pancakes - not really eggy like a crêpe - but made paper-thin. I've never seen a pancake get that thin; they aren't even flipped over. The batter itself isn't too flavorful, though, which might be the one shortcoming of Musso's flannelcakes. I did enjoy the, well, flannel-like texture, though. They come three to a stack for $6 and measure about nine to ten inches in diameter.

            2. Try the thin pancakes at The Hamlet (formerly H/H), during weeekend brunch. Not true swedish pancakes (not enough egg), but thin and tasty. Add a side of "Those Potatoes" and you're in carb heaven.

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              1. re: Al Gore mand

                Many thanks for the suggestions. I've got a lot of work to do.

                1. re: adevejian

                  Kate Mantilini. Almost crepe like and delicious!

                  1. re: tblue22

                    there's one on Van Nuys in Sherman oaks

                    1. re: Diana

                      There are a lot of Hamlet's in LA; Pasadena, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica. Just type in "Hamburger Hamlet" (old name) on google maps to find the nearest one.

                      1. re: adevejian

                        The Hollywood Hamburger Hamlet - the one across from the Chinese Theater - is closed. Has been for some time now. It's becoming an H&M soon.

                2. Try Pie N' Burger's! It's the only thing I order from them these days, I'm never there for lunch. Breakfast until 1 p.m. on Sundays, 11 a.m. on Saturdays.

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                  1. re: jhvu

                    That's the very first place I mentioned haha. I'm the same; those pancakes are the only thing I order from them.

                    1. re: adevejian

                      I love the pancakes at The Fountain in the Beverly Hills Hotel.