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Jun 15, 2007 10:18 AM

Any good food near the outlets?

Going up to the Woodbury outlets this weekend. Is there anywhere worthy of eating, lunch or dinner, casual w/in a twenty minute drive? I did a brief search on the boards and didn't see much so hoping a new post will garner some responses. I'd prefer not to head further north/west and if not in the immediate outlet area places on the "way back" to Westchester are more desirable. Of course, not looking for franchises/chains.


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  1. Gasho Japanese is about 2 miles past Woodbury. I believe it is the same one that is in Thornwood, food is pretty good if you like the Japanese Hibachi stuff.

    1. Savory Grill Indoor/Outdoor dining have had really bad service on occasion, decent food though
      (845) 928-6145
      923 Route 32
      Highland Mills, NY 10930

      1. This isn't near the outlets, but I always eat at this great little Thai place in Nyack on the way back to Westchester. It's called Thai House and I believe it is/was owned by the same people who own that good Thai place in Ardsley.