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Jun 15, 2007 10:07 AM

Saratoga breakfast/brunch spots?

Staying in the area after a wedding and figure we'll need a decent bite. Anything goes, but not looking for something too fancy/expensive. If it matters, this will be a Sunday. TIA

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  1. skip saratoga and head over to los gatos

    'los gatos cafe' on santa cruz ave is solid - show up ~45-1hr prior to when you plan to eat, you can stroll around los gatos in the meantime. usual wait for 2 on sat/sun is 20-30 minutes

    further into los gatos is 'southern kitchen' if you take santa cruz ave you'll pass los gatos cafe then make a left on main st. it will be on your left shortly after los gatos coffee co.

    there is also stack's in campbell, country inn, bobby's coffee shop, and the original pancake house in cupertino/west san jose.

    i'd go to los gatos cafe. grab an omlet, scramble or eggs flourintine.

    1. Down and dirty breakfast spot on Saratoga Avenue called Bill of Fare. The place looks like an old school barn. It's my favorite breakfast in the area if you're just looking for a classic all-american breakfast place. I grew up in Saratoga.

      Los Gatos Cafe is also a good rec.

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        funny. i've always wondered about that place, but never worked up the courage to actually go.