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Jun 15, 2007 09:57 AM

Calgary's Anpurna--what's up?

I used to be a regular at Anpurna, at Memorial & 52nd St SE, but the last time I went (in March, I think), we suspected that it was under new management. And now, it seems to be closed "for renovations," although when I called them last night, their voice mail reported that the renovations were due to be finished at the end of April (they obviously haven't changed their voicemail in a while). Has it closed? Anyone know what's going on?


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  1. Oh thats so sad! When ever I'm in that neck of the woods it's my number one food stop.. soooo good and soo cheap for great veggie indian!

    I would love to hear the scoop.....!

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    1. re: CookieGal

      The older couple who ran the place sold it and retired. Haven't heard when (or whether) the new owners will reopen, although they were originally planning to keep some of the dishes. Best Indian vegetarian (and non-veg too) right now is probably Nirvana up in the north east near the airport, nice space, more expensive than Anpurna tho.

      1. re: alley

        yeah, just a bit. Anpurna was DIRT CHEAP and you can't really compare these two. At all.

        1. re: John Manzo

          True Anpurna was an amazing deal and fun (if you could get in in the evening before the early closing hours!): every time I went there I felt like I was visiting an eccentric uncle's place. I was trying to provide some (little) consolation with Nirvana, which I have tried recently a couple of times with friends and enjoyed some tasty food, though as you point out MUCH pricier. My fallback for good value would be Skylark on 17 Ave SE and 52, different style of cooking of course (no Gujarati veg via east Africa, this is more classic Punjabi-style with some good veg options) but tasty, consistent and reasonably priced, good selection of snacks and excellent selection of sweets (sometimes I stop by just to pick up some sweets).

          1. re: alley

            An excellent cheap fallback- especially if you live in the Beltline- is MIRCHI at 825 12th Ave SW! I had dinner there on the way back from the Canada Day festivities at Prince's Island and it was outrageous value and plenty delicious! $13 got me one meat, one veg, and rice or naan- I chose rice, with butter chicken and a potato curry. Sat down waited maybe 5 minutes and these TWO guys deliver THREE BIG BOWLS with rice, butter chicken and the aloo curry each in one- I was flabbergasted, that much for one person? A very simple side salad was completely unnecessary but it was included too. This huge pile of food appeared to be good value, but the taste- it was delicious, every bit of it. Not a ton of chicken but who cares- it was the best gravy, oh my, that gravy by itself on a bowl of basmati... the potatoes were stunning, packed with spice and flavour, and a little pile of of freshly grated ginger on top.

            These guys are open until 2AM Fri and Sat, too, so if you have a late-night curry craving, here you are!

    2. Hi, well its nice to see that people miss us, I my name is Sapna (Sonia) and I am the original Owner's daughter of Anpurna. I thought I would clear up some stuff, as I truly feel really bad that isn't clear. My parents sold our restaurant on Feb 9th, 2007 after 10 years of owning it, to a South Indian business man. He has hired a cook and staff and did train under us to learn the recipes, but since they closed for renovations soon after for about 1 year, I am assuming the recipes were not maintained. If anyone would like to contact us they can leave me a reply on this page. Thank you for many years of patronage, we loved all of our customers and we wish you the best. Sapna Raiyarella

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      1. re: Sonia Raiyarella

        Did your family open a resturant in another location or were they retiring?

      2. So has anyone been to Anpurna lately ? Any details likes/doesn't like ?

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        1. re: chewy_bakah

          I went with a some friends this past summer and was pretty underwhelmed. We all ordered dosa's and as they were brought out the server mentioned that the regular chef was off that night, so the dosas werent as good as they normally would be (why couldn't she have mentioned this when we were ordering??). The substitue chef could only cook one at a time and the server brought each out as it was completed, there was probably at least a 5min gap between each one coming out (there were six in our group).

          The first couple that came out were pretty poor as the crepes were very thick and not crispy at all. We did ask for new ones, and the server happily had them re-made.

          There crepes were still to thick for my taste, but the potato filling was pretty good.

          1. re: djdragan

            so which night does the regular chef come in? did you do the buffet there if they had that ?

            1. re: chewy_bakah

              I think we were there on a Wed evening, not sure if thats the chef's regular night off. I didn't see a buffet offered when we were there. Maybe its only offered for lunch?

              This was only my second visit to this restaurant, whith the first being more then a few years ago (so probably the previous owners). I do remember our meals being better and the place being busier during our first visit.

          2. re: chewy_bakah

            the katchories are really good(better then my spelling of katchories probable)

          3. OK so what are the best south Indian places in Calgary now? I may take a trip there soon and would like to know.